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Nvidia and AMD’s GPU prices could increase in the coming months due to an increase in demand

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As we have seen before the recent prices of the GPU has fallen quite low as compared to what it was during the beginning of 2021. However, it is still a fact that the GPUs are selling for not so affordable prices. due to crypto mining previously the prices of the cards were sky high and they were being sold at five times the original MSRP.

However, after the release of Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 30 hash rate cards, there were no more options for the cryptocurrency miners to utilize Nvidia’s latest released cards for crypto mining.

But according to recent GPU sales data drafted by 3DCenter, it seems that the prices of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 & AMD Radeon RX 6000 GPUs have hit the wall and reached a limit of dropping down. The recent data doesn’t show that the GPU prices are not in the mood of coming down any time soon.


Starting from May the prices of the CPUs have started to go down in the retail market however, the current-generation NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 & AMD Radeon RX 6000 series graphics cards prices have stopped dwindling any further.

According to the research data, NVIDIA’s GPU prices have declined only 3% and are currently sitting at 50% over MSRP. On the other hand, AMD GPUs prices have increased by 3% and are now sitting at 56% over MSRP.

Its also believed that the prices of the GPUs will once see an increase in the coming months and even though NVIDIA has been increasing production of its Ampere GeForce RTX 30 GPUs ever since the end of Q1 2021, the quantity isn’t enough to meet the demands. The same goes for AMD, even though it has increased the production of its GPUs, the company is finding it hard to meet the demands of the data center and gaming sectors.

List price€ 479€ 579€ 649999 €€ 329€ 519€ 7191549 €
Jan. 17N/A€ 809-1019999-1199 €1249-1841 €N/A€ 769-1049N/A1649-2406 €
Jan. 22N/A€ 879-10491019-1279 €1249-1718 €N/A729-999 €N/A1849-2379 €
Feb. 2N/A€ 859-1049€ 1049-13291299-1755 €N/A€ 799-12491399-1449 €1750-2899 €
Feb. 14N/A€ 969-14891129-1399 €1339-1729 €N/A€ 899-1349N/A2223-2819 €
Feb. 24N/A999-1199 €1098-1399 €1429-2045 €N/A€ 979-1569N/A2469-3669 €
March 18970-1049 €1179-1199 €1259-1539 €1499-1960 €€ 559-11991299-1699 €2299-2499 €€ 2459-3915
April 19th€ 860-15211379-1699 €1444-1699 €1654-2527 €€ 589-11811290-1699 €2299-2399 €€ 2699-3049
2.May€ 899-14171373-1699 €1632-1773 €1799-2528 €€ 740-13491269-1699 €2299-2499 €2539-3499 €
May 16€ 909-15801499-1699 €1299-1799 €1699-2999 €999-1122 €1498-1649 €2999 €€ 3199
30th May€ 899-1246€ 989-16991159-1649 €1699-2799 €€ 829-10491269-1649 €1999-2499 €€ 2699-3499
20th June€ 798-9991199-1826 €1248-2109 €1589-2999 €€ 679-1429€ 989-13991579-1999 €2169-3330 €
4th of July€ 714-962929-1819 €1089-1499 €1327-2493 €€ 589-1005€ 799-14901199-1842 €1932-3084 €
July 18th€ 664-1099999-1245 €1159-1299 €1327-2099 €€ 579-799€ 879-12901199-1719 €1890-2552 €
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