Intel’s Xeon W-3300 CPU line up has its specifications listed online

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A new list of Intel’s line of Xeon W-3300 series has been discovered by the Momo-US at CompSource. As we know Intel will be releasing its Ice Lake CPUs into the workstation segment. The list not only includes their names but also their specifications and preliminary prices.

Intel has planned to release its Xeon W processors to specifically target the workstation segment. According to sources, the new Xeon W-3300 series will have more cores/threads, more cache, and will feature a brand new architecture based upon the 10nm process node also more I/O memory support.

CompSource has listed down five Intel Ice Lake Xeon W-3300 workstation CPUs which include:

  • Xeon W-3375 (CD8068904691401)
  • Xeon W-3365 (CD8068904691303)
  • Xeon W-3345 (CD8068904691101)
  • Xeon W-3335 (CD8068904708401)
  • Xeon W-3323 (CD8068904708502)
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The fastest chip on the list is the Xeon W-3375 with its 38 cores and 76 threads. It features 57 MB of cache which is 1.5 MB per core and maximum clock speeds at 4.0 GHz. The CPU has a price tag of $6196.32 US. Next in line is the 32 core Xeon W-3365 which features 48 MB of L3 cache along with 4 GHz clock speed, and a price tag of $5295.97 US.

Intel firmly believes that it has a competitive advantage with its 10nm Ice Lake CPUs in single-threaded workloads, but the chips reportedly have horrible performance in multi-threaded & energy efficiency departments. Intel also comes nowhere close to the mighty 64 cores that AMD offers on its Threadripper Pro lineup.

Intel Xeon W-3300 ‘Ice Lake’ CPU Specifications (Preliminary):

CPU NameArchitectureCores / ThreadsBase / Boost ClockL3 CacheTDPPrice (Preliminary)
Xeon W-337510nm Ice Lake38 / 764.0 GHz?57 MB270W?$6196.32
Xeon W-336510nm Ice Lake32 / 644.0 GHz?48 MBTBA$5295.97
Xeon W-334510nm Ice Lake24 / 484.0 GHz?36 MBTBA$2930.00
Xeon W-333510nm Ice Lake16 / 324.0 GHz?24 MBTBA$1465.58
Xeon W-332310nm Ice Lake14 / 284.0 GHz?21 MBTBA$1071.45


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