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For enhancing audio the game Forza Horizon 5 using Raytraced Audio which depends on the environment and objects

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The new game of Playground Forza Horizon 5 will use Raytracing for enhancing the audio experience of the game.

As we know that Forza Horizon 5 uses ray tracing for browsing cars in Forzavista. But the good news for fans is, this is not the only implementation of ray tracing in the game. The ray-tracing goanna also uses to enhance the audio of the game.


Fraser Strachan, the lead audio designer of the game explained that “So we have taken ray tracing and we’re using it throughout the world”. The creative director of the game Mike Brown and Strachan said “Actually we’re sending out ray traces to detect walls, buildings, and ceilings.” They also said the game Forza Horizon 5 is detecting various objects for determining how audio bounces from every object.


The main audio designer of the game also said, “Which means that you’ll hear your car bouncing off all the buildings around you and that will change with the environment.”

“It made the world feel alive. Like so when you’re driving through Guanajuato for instance. You know you can hear it slapping off all the buildings and I mentioned there as well that we’re detecting ceilings so things like tunnels for instance. If you’re listening with spatial audio, something like Dolby Atmos with your headphones on, you’ll be able to hear your car bouncing off the roofs as well.”

forza 5

The lead sound designer of the game Zoink Games, Marcus Klang said,“ the ray tracing can be used to improve the sense of realism by more accurate adjustments to the audio depending on the environment surrounding the player, in real-time”.

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This game will be released on 9th November on the Xbox series and PC.

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