Thursday, December 2, 2021

Let your ‘Movements’ give commands with WhiteLion AirSensors Range which promises Luxury with Sustainability

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After assembling Smart Touch Panels in your homes, WhiteLion,  the homegrown Smart Home-Automation brand, is now ready to give you a royal feel with its new AirSensors Range that consists of two sensor ranges,  Motion Sensors and TV Sensors. These two new generation technologies will change the Home Decor of Indians upside down.

Motion Sensors are used for turning the lights on/off without installing any switches. The experts from WhiteLion have taken this technology to such an extent that wherever you take a step, the room gets illuminated by sensing your movements in the air. In short, light travels wherever you go. This Motion Sensor range has three installation fitment methods. By these methods, the sensors detect the presence of any person on the radar and operate the lights respectively. These three methods of installation come with many convenience features like Spring-Fit Installation, adjustable lux setting with a knob, time setting, sensitivity setting and elegant and robust design.

This innovative approach is more of an initiative to save natural resources and the cost of electricity because if anyone forgets to turn off the switch and leaves the room or sitting in a corner and not using the lightened bulb in another corner then the power cuts automatically because of his/her absence in that particular area. Motion Sensors are generally used in bathrooms, passages, garages, parking areas and godowns, where lights are required only when a person is present in the area. 

  • WhiteLion AirSensor
  • WhiteLion AirSensor
  • WhiteLion AirSensor

Apart from this up to date Motion Sensor range, WhiteLion is also going to launch a TV Sensor range. Usually, people keep a lot of infrared devices around their TV like set-top box, DVD/Blu-Ray player, Music System, etc. This range by WhiteLion will declutter the area around your TV from these infrared devices. By using TV Sensors, you can hide these devices inside the cabinet or behind the wall panel and reorganize the TV area to make it neat. 

To make this arrangement work effectively, the operators attach a transmitter of the device to the infrared input area of the device, which is either hidden in the cabinet or behind the wooden panel. This way you don’t need direct line of sight with the device to remote control it. WhiteLion provides three types of  IR remote control repeaters that are responsible for accessing this technology. These three products include many significant features like long forwarding and transmissions, low power consumption, i.e. less than 0.3 W, high response speed, strong anti-interference ability and much more. 

On this revolutionary launch in India, the founders said, “We have a sole objective to empower every city located in India. We are more than grateful to our customers and team that is supporting us tirelessly in the process of completing this objective. AirSensors are indeed a big step in this journey. We wanted to see Indians illuminating the stage wherever they go, now we are going to watch this happening in upcoming days.”

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