Sunday, November 28, 2021

Mass Effect Might Be a Much Better Fit for TV Instead of Cinema, Says Developer

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Recently the fans got Mass Effect Legendary Edition remastered trilogy, but it will be a while yet before any new title is released given that BioWare is now focused on Dragon Age 4.

What about the Mass Effect movie which was disclosed ten years ago as part of a deal with Legendary Pictures? It doesn’t seem to be happening anymore, and Mac Walters, the Project Director of BioWare explained the reasons in an interview with Business Insider.

“It felt like we were always fighting the IP. What story are we going to tell in 90 to 120 minutes? Are we going to do it justice?”

For that reason, Walter believes Mass Effect might be suited much better to the TV episodic format.

“If you’re going to tell a story that’s as fleshed out as ‘Mass Effect,’ TV is the way to do it. There’s a natural way it fits well with episodic content.”

“When we build out a ‘Mass Effect’ game, we have a backbone, or an overall story that we want to tell, but each level or mission is like its own TV episode. It doesn’t get written ahead of time. It gets written at the time that we get to it. So, it gets added to the main story and sometimes the main story gets adjusted because we did something really cool in that ‘episode.’ So long-form storytelling is a great place for game franchises.”

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Should we expect an adaption, then? Walters hasn’t confirmed anything, but he said that he believes it is only a matter of when not if.

“It’s such an expansive world, and so many people I know in the TV and film industry have reached out to ask me when we’re going to do it and saying we’ve got to do it.”

A little while ago, the popular actor Henry Cavill did tease something that was related to Mass Effect, which raised some hope of adoption in near future.


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