Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 is Here – New Agent KAY/O, Give Back Bundle, Battlepass, and More

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Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 is live now, offering a new battle pass, an event, a special bundle in-store, and the most interesting – the new agent KAY/O. For the last few weeks, Riot was teasing the new agent with some hints and other stuff. Finally, we got the brand-new robotic agent who comes under the Initiator category. Let’s see in brief what Riot has brought in this new Act.

Time Window for The Episode 3 Act 1

The new act has just begun from 22nd June 2021 and it’s gonna run until 24th August 2021. This Act brings so many things, you definitely gonna enjoy this summer with the new Act.

New Agent – KAY/O

After bringing the new tropical map – Breeze, Valorant has introduced a new robotic agent named KAY/O. This agent is made to neutralize Radiants by suppressing his enemy abilities.

  • ZERO/point – KAY/O throws a knife that gonna stick to any kind of surface and then will disable the enemy agent’s ability in a limited area.
  • FLASH/drive – This one is basically a flash, very similar to CS:GO flashes.
  • FRAG/ment – A grenade similar to Killjoy’s Nanoswarm.
  • NULL/cmd – This is the ultimate of KAY/O, where he emits a pulse in a wider range that suppresses all enemy agents standing inside that range. If he gets killed then KAY/O’s teammates can revive him and bring him back in the game.



Like every Act, Valorant brings another new battlepass for this Act with lots of cool gun skins, buddies, sprays, and much more stuff. Personally, I’m very much impressed with the K/TAC skins. It looks quite similar to the Singularity skin, but yeah, looks so cool.

Valorant Year 1 Event Pass

Valorant has completed its one-year anniversary this June. For that reason, Valorant is offering a free Event Pass for everyone, which contains Episode 3 Reflection Card, Year One Gun Buddy and Card, 20 Radiant Points, and YR1 title.

Give Back Bundle

Valorant has another exciting offer – ‘Give Back Bundle’ to celebrate the first anniversary. Till now, this bundle is one of the best bundles I can say. The bundle contains Reaver Sheriff, VALORANT GO! Vol.1 Spectre, Reaver Vandal, Ion Operator, Give Back Card, Give Back Spray, and Give Back Gun Buddy. This all you can have for 6382 VP.

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