Tuesday, December 7, 2021

NVIDIA’s and AMD’s GPU prices are showing signs of recovery post-Ethereum and Bitcoin downfall

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There is some good news in the market folks and it’s that the AMD & NVIDIA graphics card prices are now showing signs of recovery as we enter the third quarter of 2021. The latest report indicates that the worst is over and GPU supply is returning to normal as seen on various European retailers.

Until last year, the GPU prices were at an insane three times over the MSRP. And it was clear that the cryptocurrency and gaming demand both led to insane price hikes for AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards across the globe.

According to reports, NVIDIA’s GeForce graphics cards peaked at over 3x the MSRP and AMD graphics cards stood at a peak over 2x the MSRP. However, the ray of hope is here and the latest reports suggest that we are seeing continued improvements but there’s still a long way to go before we see these cards back at their official MSRPs.

report submitted by the 3DCenter indicates that NVIDIA’s GPUs, despite being available in higher quantities than the AMD GPUs, was sold out almost everywhere. The reason for this being the cryptocurrency demand but that has changed since the recent crash of both Bitcoin & Ethereum.

Curmudgeon€ 679-12031180 €€ 989-1399€ 1000-13981579-1999 €1649-2197 €2169-3330 €
Alternate€ 689-819N/A999-1239 €1099-1229 €1599-1929 €1859-2669 €2199-3269 €
Caseking717-794 €N/A1085-1305 €1193-1214 €1784-1910 €1999-2173 €2523-2887 €
Computer UniverseN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A1764 €N/A
EquipprN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A1649 €€ 2169
Galaxus€ 839N/A€ 1079-1249N/AN/AN/AN/A
Hardwarecamp24€ 799N/A1099 €1049 €1699 €N/A2399-2699 €
Mindfactory€ 679-699N/A1099-1199 €1099 €1598-1799 €1799-1939 €2198-2399 €
Notebook cheaperN/AN/A€ 1049-11491079-1340 €1799 €N/A2299-2349 €
ProShop1299-1429 €N/AN/AN/AN/A€ 2599-3129€ 2499
Listed price€ 329€ 419€ 519€ 619€ 7191199 €1549 €
Surchargefrom + 106%from + 182%from + 91%from + 62%from + 120%from + 38%from + 40%
Change as of May 30th-46PP+ 67PP-54PP-58PP-34PP

Coming over to AMD, the Radeon RX 6000 series there are signs of recovery especially in the supply department. AMD Radeon RX 6000 series has been available in much lower quantities than NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 30 series but the company is offering more mainstream cards and is now offloading the burden of its higher-tier GPUs.

Curmudgeon€ 798-8991199-1826 €1248-2109 €1589-2399 €
Alternate€ 799-999N/A1299 €1699-2449 €
Caseking868-895N/A1560 €1871-2266 €
Computer UniverseN/AN/AN/A1596-1890 €
Equippr€ 799N/AN/AN/A
Galaxus€ 856-986N/AN/AN/A
Hardwarecamp24€ 829-879N/A1349 €1799 €
Mindfactory€ 798-8991199-1349 €1299 €1689-2199 €
Notebook cheaper€ 799-999N/AN/A1649-2190 €
ProShopN/AN/AN/A2999 €
Listed price€ 479€ 579€ 649999 €
Surchargefrom + 67%from + 107%from + 92%from + 59%
Change as of May 30th-11PP+ 36pp+ 13pp-11PP
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