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“The Water Man”: Netflix has released the trailer of Supernatural Thriller Film

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Netflix has dropped the trailer of an incredible film, The Water Man. In this film, David Oyelowo is performing the role of The Water Man. At the starting of the trailer, it has seen that Amos Boone is saying “This town is weird.

In this film Amos, his wife Mary, and his son Gunner have moved to a remote town situated in Oregon, covered by a forest. If you are a cinephile, you might notice that remote towns surrounded by forests are the place where weird things happened mostly.

Watch the trailer for David Oyelowo's The Water Man | EW.com

It is the directional debut of Oyelowo. This film is produced by Oprah’s Harpo Films; it is a family adventure film that showcases the acting of Chavis. Chavis is an 11-year-old boy trying some extraordinary ways to save his mother, who is suffering from leukaemia.

On the deadline of Lonnie’s bold film, Oyelowo has said that he is prepared to put himself in harm’s way to do it. He also said that personally, he found sacrificial love has the biggest attribute that we as human beings have. On this aspect, anyone who puts themselves on the line for someone else is definitely is a hero, according to him. The manifest in an 11-year-old boy for his mother had just something he found and found very moving.

The Water Man' Trailer: David Oyelowo Crafts A Spielbergian Fantasy In His  Directorial Debut

At a certain level, this film is mainly a family-friendly supernatural thriller. Gunner hears about the existence of a ghost in the woods who knows the secret of immortality from the local people. Gunner is trying to find him. This film also generates an opening for families with its themes of life and death to have some conversations about the big topics.

The two young actors in the film are 13 years old Lonnie and the other is 16-year-old Amiah Miller, who has got huge reviews out of Sundance. This film is speaking to children but without saying o them.

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It has been reported that Oyelowo and his wife Jessica Oyelowo have shared four children who belong from the age of 9 to 19. While he was speaking about the deadline, he said that he is looking for a project that he would be happy to share with his kids that they had been entertained by and have some meaning to them.

The Water Man 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

He also explores that he never got to see himself in childhood adventure films like Goonies or Stand By Me in childhood. This film has broken with tradition. He wants to create art that his kids watch themselves reflected because he thinks it is radical and confirms the existence, and it would be that you can watch yourself to be reflected as the protagonist.

David Oyelowo Fights for Representation in Family Films - The New York Times

The Water Man: Cast

This film is featuring with Davis Oyelowo as Amos Boone, Rosario Dawson as Mary Boone, Maria Bello as Sheriff Goodwin, Alfred Molina as Jim Bussey, Amiah Miler as Jo Riley, Ted Rooney as Edward Schaal, Loonie Chavis as Gunner Boone, Jessica Oyelowo as Missus Bakemeyer, Adam Dunlap as Officer Jake Williams, Holden Goyette as the animated boy, John Henry Whitaker as Chuck, Peter James DeLuca as Drowned Man, Kenny Powell as Drowned Man.

David Oyelowo's The Water Man Trailer Blends Family, Fantasy, and Adventure  | LaptrinhX

The Water Man: Release Date

After the debut of this film at the Toronto Film Festival. It is available in theaters on 7th May in the United States. Now Netflix has released the trailer of this film but it is still unknown that when this film will hit on Netflix.

Here is the official trailer of The Water Man:

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