Samsung Neo QLED: It’s industries first ‘Spatial Sound Optimization’ certified TV

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This Tuesday Samsung Electronics announces its Neo QLED lineup televisions become the industry’s first TVs to receive Spatial Sound Optimization certification. It is provided by Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker or VDE. So, what is this certification for, and how it can change your viewing experience?

The Spatial Sound Optimization certification by VDE ensures that the television can deliver a standard and consistent sound irrespective of the surrounding. What I mean by surrounding setup is that no matter wherever you install your TV, you will get the same experience every time for sure. The place could be your living room, dining, roof, or even in the kitchen, it clearly doesn’t matter at all.

Let you know that Samsung added the SpaceFit Sound feature to its Neo QLED TV lineup. It helps the television to adjust the audio output and its properties based on the surroundings.

Samsung Neo QLED - industries first 'Spatial Sound Optimization' certified TV -

Now, how can your surrounding setup affect your overall viewing experience? For example, you mount your TV in your living room. The produced bass can be distorted as there is a very little gap between the TV and the wall. Or, the carpet of your living room can absorb the mid-range and treble sound.

Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs use its built-in microphone to recognize the surrounding environment such as curtains, carpets, and walls. Post that, boost the required audio property accordingly as per its understanding. All these to deliver the same standard and consistent audio experience.

As per the examples, the SpaceFit Sound can recognize the wall close to the mounted TV. Then reinforce the bass as much as needed automatically. On the other hand, the tech will boost the mid and the treble sound for the living room example.

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Overall, the Samsung Neo QLED TVs are the face of a new kind of upcoming TVs, for those who don’t want to compromise their viewing experience anyhow.

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