Lenovo 600 Bluetooth Silent Mouse review: Best for Office and Daily work

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For a person like me, working all day long on computers and writing articles, our choice of computer accessories have to be something which can give us the perfect comfort while working so that we can increase the efficiency of our productivity. So I personally prefer to use a Bluetooth mouse for several reasons. First of all Bluetooth accessories keep our working desk free from wires and so my first choice is a Bluetooth Mouse, over a regular wireless mouse that comes with an adapter.

Within a budget, there are several Bluetooth mice in the market but I personally preferred the Lenovo 600 Bluetooth Silent Mouse. This is also something that can be purchased if anyone has a limited budget. I have recently switched to this silent mouse and this is my first silent mouse that connects via Bluetooth. So I have been using it and now it has become a part of my daily life.

For a price of ₹ 1,519 this is one of the best silent Bluetooth mouse in the market that supports dual connectivity.

Specifications and Features of Lenovo 600 Bluetooth Silent Mouse

  • The Lenovo 600 Bluetooth Silent Mouse has Silent buttons without the annoying click sounds and has a minimalist pocket-sized design you can comfortably rest your palm on. Easy to carry and fit into pockets without bulging
  • Blue Optical Sensor: Take your productivity to the max with a blue optical sensor that allows you to work on almost any surface, revolutionary, distraction-free silent buttons, and on-the-fly adjustable DPI controls.
  • DPI Resolution : 3-level Adjustable (800, 1600, 2400)
  • Button Life: Right/Left buttons – up to 3 million clicks; Scroll button – up to 100,000 clicks | Number of Buttons: 4 (Left Click, Right Click, Scroll Click, DPI Switch) | Scrolling: 2-way Scroll Wheel
  • Multiple device connectivity & Quick pairing: Pair with up to two devices at once and quickly switch between them with the push of a button, thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 and Microsoft Swift Pair technology.
  • On-Off Switch: Yes | Battery Type: 1 x AA Battery | Battery Life: Up to 12 Months


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The design of the Lenovo 600 Bluetooth Silent Mouse is very simple and it comes in only one colour which seems to be silver. The upper side of the mouse is clean with only one DPI button, a white LED indicator placed in between the right and left click buttons and a scroller. The design is very simple and the colour makes it look just a piece of simple brush stroke of silver colour.

At the sides, we can see the rubber finish and at the right side, we can see the Lenovo branding engraved on the rubber finish. At the bottom, we can see a toggle switch that helps toggles between Device 1, Device 2, and Off. Apart from this, we can also see a quick visibility button that helps to make the device visible in a new network instantly when pressed.


Lenovo 600 Bluetooth Silent Mouse can be connected with two devices at the same time and can toggle between with the press of a button. The fast pairing mode helps to connect to any paired device instantly and for someone like me, it helps to toggle between two laptops while working.


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In case of comfort, I can say after a long-term use it has perfectly fitted in my hand and usage patterns. In my opinion, the Lenovo 600 Bluetooth Silent Mouse will be a perfect working mouse for someone who is working from home.


Lenovo 600 Bluetooth Silent Mouse as per the name says it is really very silent. The button mechanism is working perfectly and with every click, the sound is very low. The scroller is also very smooth. The most important requirement is a dedicated DPI button, and this mouse has three levels of DPI adjustments. But in my opinion, if there would have been five stages of DPI adjustments then it will be better.

The Lenovo 600 Bluetooth Silent Mouse uses a AA battery and the company claims that it will last long for 12 months.

What’s In The Box?

  • 1x Lenovo 600 Bluetooth Silent Mouse
  • Warranty and Product Information Document
  • 1x AA battery
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Buy Lenovo 600 Bluetooth Silent Mouse from here:

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Battery Life


Lenovo 600 Bluetooth Silent Mouse is the best silent Bluetooth mouse for daily life usage.
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