AMD’s un-identified APU makes its appearance in the latest Linux graphics patch

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Internet is filled with many rumours and leaks, and it’s not a surprise for a mysterious and un-announced piece of tech to pop on the corner of the global network. As such, recently, we have an alleged AMD APU spotted in the latest Linux graphics patch from AMD, which supports ray-tracing.

According to sources, the APU comes with the GPU ID: gfx1013 in LLVM and is reported to be most likely based on the 1st Gen RDNA architecture but can process RDNA 2 instructions (GFX 10.3), including those for ray-tracing such as:

  • image_bvh_intersect_ray/image_bvh64_intersect_ray
  • image_msaa_load

Reports indicate that the device certainly supports the RDNA 2 and ray-tracing instructions however, it’s still being speculated, and it’s not certain as to which APU family does this mysterious fella belong to and why it’s being grouped with the lower-end (RDNA 1) Radeon RX 5000 series GPUs.

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AMD’s APUs that power the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles support ray-tracing, but they’re based on the newer RDNA 2 design and special semi-custom design. Some on the internet are speculating that the new APU belongs to the upcoming Rembrandt APUs, which will leverage 6nm Zen 3+ cores along with an integrated RDNA 2 graphics.

The GPU featured on these APUs may be a hybrid between RDNA 1 and 2 which wouldn’t be surprising as they won’t support all the discrete Navi 2x lineup features.

AMD Ryzen 5000G Cezanne Zen 3 Desktop APUs

CPU NameAMD Ryzen 3 5300GEAMD Ryzen 3 PRO 5350GAMD Ryzen 3 5300GAMD Ryzen 5 5600GEAMD Ryzen 5 PRO 5650GAMD Ryzen 5 5600GAMD Ryzen 7 5700GEAMD Ryzen 7 PRO 5750GAMD Ryzen 7 5700G
CPU ArchitectureZen 3Zen 3Zen 3Zen 3Zen 3Zen 3Zen 3Zen 3Zen 3
Cores / Threads4/84/84/86/126/126/128/168/168/16
Base Clock3.60 GHz4.00 GHz4.00 GHz3.40 GHz3.90 GHz3.90 GHz3.20 GHz3.80 GHz3.80 GHz
Boost Clock4.20 GHz4.20 GHz4.20 GHz4.40 GHz4.40 GHz4.40 GHz4.60 GHz4.60 GHz4.60 GHz
L3 Cache8 MB8 MB8 MB16 MB16 MB16 MB16 MB16 MB16 MB
L2 Cache2 MB2 MB2 MB3 MB3 MB3 MB4 MB4 MB4 MB
iGPUVega 6Vega 6Vega 6Vega 7Vega 7Vega 7Vega 8Vega 8Vega 8
iGPU Clock1.7 GHz1.7 GHz1.7 GHz1.9 GHz1.9 GHz1.9 GHz2.0 GHz2.0 GHz2.0 GHz
Price$159 US?$159 US?$159 US?$259 US$259 US$259 US$359 US$359 US#359 US
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