Sex Education (Season 3): Release on October 2021 is not confirmed

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Sex Education (Season 3) is one of the most awaiting series on Netflix. Still, recently, many fake posts became viral that state Sex Education (Season 3) is coming to Netflix in October 2021. Now this news is spreading like a fire across the internet. But, unfortunately, Netflix has not provided any official date for the return of the second season of the series.

Is Sex Education season 3 coming to Netflix in October 2021?

Many questions have arisen on the post that comes from Netflix Updates about who is operating primarily on Facebook and Twitter. They have mostly just posted fan pictures, but occasionally they have been known to release a poster with dates claiming that the show is coming soon.

We have shown you some current offending fake post news stating that season 3 is set to release on Netflix in October 2021. All the posts are definitely fake as it is using the same images from season 2, but the audience will think it true.

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After that, they went on to the link to a fellow fan site of NetflixLife, which is run by Fan sided. It has been seen that they mainly link their big season 3 for Sex Education, but on that preview, that does not mention any specific release date. Still, they said that They are anticipating this show could return for season 3 as soon as August or September and also come as late as October 2021.

It is really very confusing that exactly what is happening here then. At first, it was posted with the intention to be viral. It feels really good If you can collect some imaginary internet points which have made it even sweeter, it is the fact that is happening in the instance.

If you look very carefully at the mentioned NetflixLife link, then there is a little tag added at the end through which that person can earn some money due to the traffic pushed through to that site. It is called affiliate scheme in a prevalent word.

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They are just hoping that this will become viral enough to produce enough traffic through that link after getting some money.

We cannot blame NetflixLife here for this, but they have been reached out through comments.

It has been seen that this account was spread; the last fake viral post was back in February 2021. The poster was teasing the release date of about November 2021. In this post, the truth is that the date for that series YOU (Season 3) will be confirmed in June 2021. So it is not the unrealistic timelines, but it does not confirm by Netflix.

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The Tweets also got 200,000 likes. It is true that anyone can tell that it is harmless fun and it does not hurt anybody but it is also true that fake news also rife the entertainment news so it should be combatted whenever it has been seen.

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