Flying Backpack named CopterPack takes its first flight in Australia

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A backpack helicopter has been created, and it’s definitely not something for people with a fear of flying. The futuristic invention, known as a CopterPack, recently had its first trial flight on a beach in Australia, and the video demonstrates some impressive results.

The pilot – if you can call them that – can be seen suited and booted with a safety helmet before successfully taking off into the skies. Aesthetically, the CopterPack boasts two large turbines attached to a backpack, which allows the person wearing it to take flight.

As the unassuming passerby shows, witnessing the machine in full flight certainly is a sight to behold.As per CopterPack’s site, the device is described as an ‘electric backpack helicopter with a self-levelling autopilot. The lightweight airframe is constructed from carbon fibre honeycomb’.

Backpack helicopter named CopterPack takes its first flight in Australia
Credit: CopterPack
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Similar to the passerby in the video, people have since commented their amazement on the video. One person wrote, ‘This is insane, I love it!’ While someone else said, ‘Whoawhoaa who is this who made this? Amazing!!!’

Another person wrote, ‘Wow, it looks so stable, and controlled already,’ as another person commented they were ‘so impressed that such a small set-up can carry such a big payload,’ while adding that they’re looking forward to seeing the pilot’s first-hand footage.

It’s unknown if these backpack helicopters are for sale yet, and how much they cost if they are, but I can imagine the likes of James Bond being the first in line to want one.

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  1. I flew weight-shift hang gliders for 38 years but I’m over that now, in a manner of speaking. But I WANT ONE OF THESE!

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