All We Know About Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6

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Far Cry 6 may have overshot its original launch date of February 18th. Still, fans need not worry at all, as a recent presentation showed us that the open-world first-person shooter franchise is on track to be the most ambitious Far Cry title yet.

For the first time in the series, in Far Cry 6, you will be able to pick the gender of main character Dani Rojas, a no-nonsense military dropout who’d rather not have anything at all to do with the brewing revolution or the regime of Antón Castillo (played by the great Giancarlo Esposito). Dani will, however, be forced to realize there is no other way but to confront Antón head-on.

Unlike previous Far Cry titles, the main character will be voiced. Nisa Gunduz (Designated Survivor) and Sean Rey (Rev, Hemlock Grove) have been confirmed as the official voice actors of Dani Rojas.: Juan Cortez, a so-called guerrilla spymaster, who’ll be played by Alex Fernandez (True Detective, American Crime Story, Runaways, Bosch), and Clara Garcia, leader of the Libertad movement, played by Jess Salgueiro (The Boys, The Expanse, Jupiter’s Legacy) are two key figures that we have been introduced to and will be on Dani’s side.

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Garcia will ask Dani to unite the guerrilla movement, while Cortez will instruct Dani on how to successfully employ guerrilla tactics to achieve the revolution’s goals.

Image: The Verge

Far Cry 6 also features weapon holstering, a new mechanics that will help Dani blend into the crowd as long as the character doesn’t get too close to regime forces.

The most important lesson given by Juan Cortez is one rooted in reality as it’s not a secret that Cuba heavily inspired the fictional island of Yara, and it only made sense for the developer, Ubisoft, to use the Cubans’ renowned resolver philosophy. This means finding uses for absolutely everything in a pure Do It Yourself (DIY) fashion. According to a report by The Verge, some of the most outlandish weapons in the Far Cry 6 were powered by sardine cans, old motorcycle engines, and even CD-ROMs that play ‘Macarena’.

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The so-called ‘Guerrilla Rides’ in this game will be entirely customizable as resolver also applies to vehicles. Of course, you can also hijack almost every type of vehicle as well.

In this sixth instalment of Far Cry, every piece of equipment can meaningfully impact what Dani Rojas can do. In fact, perks are directly tied to the gear (head, chest, hands, legs, and feet). This instalment will also sport the largest roster of weapons in the franchise, with 49 fully customizable military-grade weapons.

Far Cry 6’s animal companions include the Amigos Guapo (an alligator) and the little but incredibly cute dachshund dog Chorizo. Each companion will have its own characteristics.

Image: The Verge
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Yara has been crafted in a way that it does not just feel like a single region but more like a real country. That means it offers the most diverse environments in a Far Cry game yet: jungles, beaches, swamps, villages, and even cities (including the capital of Esperanza), Far Cry 6 will have it all.

All across the country-like region, players will find road checkpoints to conquer for Libertad, flak cannons need to be destroyed otherwise these cannons will shoot down your aircraft if you enter their range). FND bases are Far Cry 6’s version of outposts and they aren’t just military bases, though, as Anton’s forces have also taken over museums, schools, TV stations, and even farms; it will be up to Dani to liberate these structures for the revolution and the Yaran people.

Far Cry 6 is now officially due on October 7th on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Amazon Luna, and Windows PC exclusively on both the Epic Games Store and the Ubisoft Store.

Narrative Director Navid Khavari answered a few questions related to Far Cry during his interview with The Verge.

Talking about how it was working with Giancarlo Esposito, he said Esposito “was fantastic.” 

“We were fortunate enough to fly to New York to meet with him, sit down and talk about the character, and he showed up with a pile of notes, even some props that we could play with. It ended up being a four-hour meeting which could have gone on for the whole day… He’s a Far Cry villain I don’t think players have ever seen before.”

The franchise is known for its strong villain figures, but Antón Castillo seems more grounded than the others. On how that works out for this instalment, he said, “We needed to have Antón show this empathy to his son, as it played into the complex and nuanced motivations we had in mind for him to be able to justify what he’s doing in Yara. There’s such a rich pedigree of Far Cry villains, and we’re building off of them. We always try to imagine what it’s like to be a dictator, hearing things from their points of view.“

Khavari also informed that the Guns for Hire system in Far Cry 5 would not return, but Fangs for Hire are back in FAR CRY 6 with a new roster. 


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