Intel Alder Lake Mobility CPUs Could Offer Up to 115W TDP with Low-Power Cores

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In the recent Linux Coreboot patch, the details of the TDPs of Intel’s upcoming 12th Generation Alder Lake mobility CPUs have been unveiled. Coelacanth-dream has spotted the Intel Alder Lake-M and Alder Lake-P TDP values which gonna be just as good as the existing Tiger Lake chips.

The mobility family of Intel will be split once again into several segments starting with the top-of-the-line H45 chips, U28, U15, and U9. The first three chips come under the Alder Lake-P segment and the U9 comes under the Alder Lake-M segment.

The Intel Alder Lake-H is supposed to take Tiger Lake-H chip’s place. The new CPUs will offer a hybrid architecture with Golden Cove and Gracemont cores. Compared to Tiger Lake’s 10nm SuperFin node, the brand new 10nm Enhanced SuperFin node would be a key change. It is very much expected to see some key efficiency improvements but the TDP figures will turn out to be the same.

The Alder Lake-H45 Mobility CPUs from Intel are expected to offer the exact same base PL1 TDPs of 45W but the PL2 TDPs will be set at up to 115W. The Intel Tiger Lake-H chips offer a PL2 rating of 109W with the Core i9-11980HK being the only exception that offers a rating of 135W.

Now coming to the Alder Lake-P U-Series SKUs, it will offer 28W PL1 and 64W PL2 ratings while U15 SKUs will offer 15W PL1 and 55W PL2 ratings. The block diagrams come with a 4 plus 8 core configuration for the U15 and for the U28, it comes with a 6 plus 8 core configuration. The U9 SKU will offer a base TDP of 9W and a PL2 rating of 30W. The Intel Alder CPU lineup is expected to appear in late 2021 and will bring a 20% IPC improvement over Rocket Lake.


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