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All the upcoming Netflix movies releasing in June 2021

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Netflix is ready to gear up to launch some summer-filled blockbuster movies; it will provide a kick-off with their incredible June lineup. It is expected that in the coming days also Netflix will fill its library with many original releases and shows.

This June, Netflix will release all categories of the film, whether it is a thriller, rom-com, action, or horror.  This month, the bag of Netflix will be filled with some original releases and some psychological horror films. Netflix also will release many Indian movies like Skater Girl and Jagame Thandiram.

Here is a list of the top films that will release in June 2021:



Release Date: 9th June

It is an upcoming sci-fi thriller film. It is a film where everyone lost their sleeping ability. It revolves around a mysterious event in which all electronic devices are knocked out and stole their sleeping ability in chaos reigns. But it is true when everything becomes dark there will also be a little light of hope and here hope comes with in the form of a little girl who still possesses the ability to catch some z’s.

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39.Wish Dragon

Release Date: 11th June

It is the second main acquisition belongs from Sony Pictures Animation in 2021. It is based on a young boy who has visited with the wish-granting dragon.


Release Date: 18th June

In this film Kevin Hart is featuring the lead role of a primary protagonist Matt a man who will possess all in his power just to be the father on the needs of his daughter, he does not even matter about the challenges that he has to face along the way. He has faced many struggles to put his infant baby to sleep even if he has to deal with a family telling him to move back home, but Matt is very determined to do his responsibilities as a dad to rise to the occasion.

37.Good On Paper

Release Date: 23rd  June

It is a romantic comedy film. This film has been headlined by IIiza Shlesinger and Rebecca Rittenhouse.


Release Date: 1st June

This June Netflix comes with an action thriller film. Taylor Lautner is featuring in this action movie.

35.American Outlaws

Release Date: 1st June

It is a western film. Colin Farrell and Scott Caan are featuring in this movie.

34.Bad Teacher

Release Date: 1st June

It is still not declared about the version of the film but it is assuming that it will be a Cameron Diaz film.

33.Black Holes| The Edge of All We Know

Release Date: 1st June

It is a sci-fi documentary film. It is an independent documentary that depicts Peter Galison and his quest to capture the first picture of a black hole.

32.Cradle 2 the Grave

Release Date: 1st June

The story of this film is based on the daughter of a jewel thief. The daughter of the thief getting kidnapped. It is starring Jet Li and DMX.


Release Date: 1st June

It is an upcoming romantic comedy film. This movie is directed by Rob Reiner. It is based on two eighth-grade students who are falling in love with each other.

30.Fools Rush In

Release Date: 1st June

It is also a romantic comedy film by Matthew Perry. It revolves around a woman who suddenly realized that she is pregnant after spending a one-night stand.

29.I am Sam

Release Date: 1st June

It is an Oscar-nominated drama film. This film is featuring Sean Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer. It is a motivational film that depicts the story of a mentally handicapped man who is battling for his custody.

28.Million Dollar Baby

Release Date: 1st June

It is a four-time Oscar-winning movie. This Client Eastwood film is based on the hardened of the boxing trainer.

27.Ninja Assassin

Release Date: 1st June

It is also an incredible action thriller film. It revolves around a young ninja who has turned his back on the orphanage that reared him.

26.The Wind

Release Date: 1st June

It is a horror film which is set in the late 1800s. It is based on the woman who is facing a lot of harness of the untamed land which is situated on the frontier of the Western country.

25.The Wedding Guest

Release Date: 1st June

It is an action thriller film. This film is featuring Dev Patel where Patel is performing the role of an English man who is traveling along with Pakistan and India.

24.Welcome Home

Release Date: 1st June

It is an upcoming Netflix thriller film. This film is starring with Aaron Paul and Emily Ratajkowki. It is based on a couple who has spent their weekend at a holiday house in Italy but the homeowner had the sinister plan.

23.2 Hearts

Release Date: 2nd  June

It is a romantic film. This depicts the story of two couples who have come together with a hidden connection.


Release Date: 2nd  June

It is a comedy story of an influencer. The story of this upcoming Brazilian film is based on an influencer who has discovered a betrayal video of her boyfriend that become viral after that she become separated from her boyfriend and she takes her friends on a trip to the vibrant carnival of Bahia in Brazil by paying everything. After visiting that place the influencer realizes that life is not just bounded about tanning social media.

Alan Saldaña: Locked Up | Netflix Official Site

21.Alan Saldana: Looked Up

Release Date: 3rd   June

It is a special stand-up and the second one comic which is hailed from Mexico.

20.Dancing Queens

Release Date: 3rd   June

This film revolves around a teen girl who wants to be a dancer and got the big interval at the drag show.

19.The Girl and the Gun

Release Date: 3rd   June

It is a Filipino crime thriller film. It revolves around a young woman who is dramatically changing her life after getting a gun.

18.Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet

Release Date: 4th   June

In this film, we will see David Attenborough who has teamed up with Johan Rockstrom about the collapse of the biodiversity of the Earth.

17.Sweet & Sour

Release Date: 4th   June

It is also a romantic Korean film. It depicts the story of a couple who are trying to maintain a long-distance relationship.


Release Date: 4th   June

It is a fantastic action thriller film on Netflix. It is a Spanish film known as Xtremo, the story of this film is based on a retired hitman as he plans to take revenge against the murderer of his brother. This film does not hold back on the violence and also action. After two years of the murder of his son and also of his father, a retired hitman plans to take revenge against the murderer, who was no one but his brother. There is a lot of power-pack action sequences in this film. A retired hitman joins his sister and also a troubled teenager to take revenge against his terrible stepbrother.

15.Tragic Jungle

Release Date: 9th  June

It is a Spanish drama film. It is based on a woman who is fleeing to the jungle of Mayan to escape from the arrange marriage.

14.A Haunted House 2

Release Date: 10th  June

Once again Marlon Wayans has come back. He has found himself facing off against the paranormal spirits.

13.Camelia Sisters

Release Date: 10th  June

It is a Vietnamese movie. This film is based on three royal sisters.

12.Skater Girl

Release Date: 11th  June

It is narrated by Gupta’s Prerna who is a girl living in a remote village in Rajasthan in India, she is living a life that is strictly bound by tradition and also the duty to her parents. After watching the advertisement of London-Bred about the arrival of executive Jessica in the village to know more about the childhood of her late father, Prerna and the other local children have been introduced to an incredible adventure and give a big thanks to Jessica and her old friend as they have been cruises into town on a skateboard.

11.The Devil Below

Release Date: 13th  June

It is a horror-thriller film. It revolves around four amateur adventures who are exploring a remote place in the Appalachian Mountains.


Release Date: 16th  June

It is a drama film based on the young street artist in East Los Angeles. The artist has caught his father’s obsession with low-riding cars.

9.A Family

Release Date: 18th  June

It is a Japanese crime drama film. It revolves around a teen man who has taken into the Yakuza since an early age.

8.Jagame Thandiram

Release Date: 18th  June

It is an incredible Tamil action thriller film. It is directed by Karthik Subbaraj.

7.Kambili: The Whole 30 Yards

Release Date: 18th  June

It is a Nigerian romantic comedy movie. It is based on a 28-year-old woman named Kambili who is turning 29 within a few days. The woman just wants to get married before she turns 30. She has been suspended from work due to her lateness.


6.Murder by the Coast

Release Date: 23rd   June

It is a Spanish crime documentary film. The story is based on a teen who was murdered in the late 1990s.

3 sisters go from homeless to stars on the track team

5.Sisters on Track

Release Date: 24th  June

It is a sports documentary film. It is based on the three-track stars who are facing different journeys in the Olympics.

4.The Seventh Day

Release Date: 24th  June

It is a horror film. In this film a guy Pearce about with renowned exorcist who has collaborated with a rookie priest.

3.The Ice Road

Release Date: 25th  June

This thriller is featuring Liam Neeson and Laurence Fishburne which depicts a trucker on the mission just to save the trapped minors.

2.Wonder Boy

Release Date: 26th  June

It is a French Documentary which is based on Olivier Roustein who is the artistic director of Balmain.

1.Killing Them Softly

Release Date: 28th  June

It is an incredible crime thriller film which is featuring Brad Pitt. It is based on Jackie Cogan who is an enforcer who has been hired to bring back the piece.

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