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5 Must-Have Devices to Ensure Your Car Safety in 2021

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Being a car owner in India comes with its own set of challenges and worries, as our country tops the global charts in terms of road car crash deaths, road accidents, and even in terms of car thefts (especially in urban India)! Moving around alone or going on a long drive with your family in your car is possibly something that you may be afraid or too worried to do because every other second you get to hear about a different road accident or crash or similar untoward incidents related to personal vehicles. 

God forbid, but your car may be the next one to get stolen or face a road mishap! Hence, it becomes extremely important to invest in your car’s safety. Thanks to the advancement of technology over the years, today we have various hi-tech safety devices and equipment that can protect your car and help you to avoid car thefts, on-road mishaps, and so on. 

Below we have curated a list of the top 5 high-quality car safety devices that Indian car owners must go for in 2021 and beyond: 


Dash Camera: A dashboard camera – popularly known as a dash cam — provides you with an effective safety and security system for your car. Think of this as a ‘CCTV’ for your vehicle, it provides a watchful eye on everything that is ongoing around and inside your vehicle. Usually, dash cameras are used to record the on-road activity while the vehicle is on move, but even when the vehicle is parked, it can keep a view of interiors, and when combined with intelligent sensors, it can help to figure out in case a car is being broken into and starts recording. Safe Cam’s single-camera dashcam, i.e. the Y2 has 170 ultra-wide-angle lenses. It is a reliable, feature-rich dashboard camera, which has Full HD video capabilities enhanced with Wide Dynamic Range imaging and Low Light sensors so that you get great video footage day or night.

Car Alarm System: Alarm systems act as your first line of defense against car theft, as its siren starts to ring as soon as there is an intrusion or something untoward happens within the car. This in turn shall deter the thief/robber from proceeding with their (wrongful) act! Having an alarm system with an integrated tracking device is recommended. BANVIE’s 2-Way Car Security Alarm System comes with advanced features such as Remote Start Starter, Car Keyless Entry, Central Door Locking Automation, and Trunk Release, etc.

Driver State Monitor: A Driver State Monitor or DSM-enabled car safety device makes use of AI for facial recognition. Through the integrated Machine Learning algorithms and sensors in a DSM Camera, we can easily monitor on-road driver alertness, even when we are not present inside the car! The major purpose of the DSM system is to alert a driver whenever signs of drowsiness or any kind of distractions are detected – for instance, when a driver is smoking or looking at his mobile phone while driving, or speeding up beyond permissible limits, the DSM will sound an alarm automatically. This is a fairly new technology that has been in use in recent years across the world, and now it has entered India as well, as Safe Cams Digital Eye Solutions has recently introduced its DSM vehicle safety devices. The company’s SC DS02 is a novel ‘DSM-only’ camera that has a Driver State Early Warning Monitor, and an integrated Cloud-based software solution through which driver behavior and driver ranking reports can be generated periodically.

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Portable Fire Extinguisher:  You may already know this — your car is moving forward while having a set of mini-explosions occurring inside it, and hence the chances of a car fire (for so many reasons) cannot be ruled out. It is important to remain prepared to handle unprecedented fire situations by carrying a portable fire extinguisher in your car and keeping it within easy reach of the driver. The ABC Powder Type 1 kg fire extinguisher by Eco Fire is a multipurpose and reliable one, and it is certified by ISI, ISI, ISO, BIS & CE; the package additionally consists of 1 wall hook and 1 discharge nozzle.

Steering Wheel Lock: The Steering Locks are one of the most popular and widely used theft prevention and car safety devices across the world. By adding a simple device such as a steering wheel lock in your car, it will increase the difficulty manifold for the would-be thieves and may deter them. There are many brands and product variants available in the Indian market for Steering Wheel Locks, but one of the impeccable steering wheel locks is from SEMAPHORE, which comes in 32 x 89 x 470 cm. dimension, and weighs around 300 grams. The SEMAPHORE Car Steering Wheel Anti-Theft Lock is a highly effective safety device and it is also appreciated for its ruggedness and durability. 

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