Here is a list of all the latest movies & TV series added on 20th May

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After the pandemic year, we are mostly dependent on the OTT platform for entertainment. The list of top OTT platforms, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zee 5, Voot, Hotstar, and Sony Liv, is the most preferable and popular streaming platform. We all are waiting eagerly to watch some incredible staff on those platforms.

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After completing the shooting many shows have been released regularly on the OTT Platform if you see many fantastic shows that have been added to these platforms regularly.

Here is a list of all the latest OTT content added on 20th May in 2021:

Amazon Prime Video

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1.Blue Bloods(Season 11)

It is a police procedural drama series. After a frank battle with the City Council speaker Regina Thomas has protested against police fiercely. In this eleventh season, Jamie and his nephew Joe Hill are trying to find a missing Danny and Baez. In this Eddie helps an abrasive woman to find the body of her father.

2.The Handmaid’s Tale(Season 4)

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It is an incredible show. The story is based on a post-apocalyptic future in which a woman has forced to live as a concubine under a fundamentalist theocratic dictatorship.

3.All American

The story of this fantastic series has been inspired by the real-life story of an NFL Superbowl Champion named Spencer Paysinger. It is an ensemble and also an inspiring family drama based on a young high school football player Spencer James and the two families. Their homes have been shared after transferring from Crenshaw to Beverly High.

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It is a Hindi drama film. It is based on a man whose only son has died in an accident. After the death of his son, the man urges his sad daughter-in-law to marry a man who loved her long in silence.


It is a Malayalam film. It revolves around two people named Shirley and Roy who have decided to leave their Mumbai home for Shirley’s home in Pala due to the financial crisis in the middle of an impending lockdown. In that place, Shirley’s father Ittyavira has lived.


It is a Malayalam language romantic film. The story of this film is based on the college graduate class of 1991. This movie is focused on a group of classmates who has attended the same Chemistry class in their final year of college.

7.Pak Pak Pakaak

The story of this movie is based on a village boy who lives with her grandmother that is believed as haunted. He meets with a ghost “Bhutya”. It will show how “Bhutya” transforms into the boy’s character and the entire village will be in a process that forms the rest of the story.


1.Special(Season 2)

It is Ryan O’Connell’s semi-autobiographical series that depicts the tale of Ryan Hayes who is a young gay man with cerebral palsy. After four Emmy short-form nominations, the Netflix comedy Special show has been coming for a second season.

MX Player


It is a romantic Hindi drama film. This film is featuring Vicky Kaushal, Taapsee Pannu, and Abhishek Bachchan in the main role. It revolves around the strenuous struggle that they have to face to save their love and relationship.

2.Demons Inside Me

T is a horror film. The story revolves around a group of rich playboys who travel to Costa Rica to party with teen girls. In this film, Jade is spiral into a strange psychotic episode at the time which the creatures emerge from the woods to demand the lives of the people around her.

3.Ek Lift Story

This film is a Hindi Disney + Hotstar short film. This film is based on Santosh who is a small town lad who visits for work to an upmarket home in Mumbai. After coming from the village he falls in love with the elevator.



It is an incredible film. This film is based on an IPS officer who has motivated and leads to a dysfunctional and corrupt force of police of Tezpur. They will fight against corrupt politicians.


1.This Is Us(Season 5)

It is also a popular series that follows the lives of some siblings with Kevin, Kate, and Randall and also their parents Jack and Rebecca Pearson. In this series, Kevin and Kate are the two surviving members who suffer from a triplet pregnancy.

2.Breeders(Season 2)

This series is an American British parental comedy series that is renewed for a second one. It shows the story of two parents who are struggling with parenthood and individually based on Freeman’s experience to be a parent.

Zee 5


This film is a story of a group of thieves includes with an illusionist, an efficient hacker, a wannabe actor, and also has an explosives expert. They have planned for a robbery.

Netflix has released a censored version of Kaizad Gustad's Boom. Is that  such a bad thing?


This film is an Indian Black comedy thriller movie. This film is based on a three-woman model who is participating in the fashion show and after some time one of them falls and the others come to rescue them. After the women scuffle with each other, they have got a big surprise which is glittering stolen diamonds. The diamond was smuggled out of the country but fall from the hair of the model.

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