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10 footballers to win most League titles in European Leagues

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It is true that the titles cannot completely prove the football players’ competency, however, they are tangible things that can show off each individual success. Many certain footballers tend to achieve many accomplishments because of sticking to the teams’ continuous triumphs. 

In this post, we will have time to take a look at the ten players who have won the most league titles in the European Leagues. 

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10 footballers to win most League titles in European Leagues

10. Maxwell – 9 titles

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Maxwell is a Brazillian left-back. He represented several clubs during his professional career. He has accomplished three league titles when playing for Inter Milan from 2006-09. Later on, he joined the Paris Saint-Germain team and won the Ligue 1 from 2012-16. 

He had also completed his trade for FC Barcelona for three years and won the La Liga with the Blaugrana in the season 2009-11. That is all his 17-year spending on his football career.

9. Lionel Messi – 10 titles

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I bet that many people do not know that Messi has won the La Liga 10 times in his career. Messi has been a part of FC Barcelona right from the time he stepped into the football career. 

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He has been the major contributor to Barcelona’s immense success in the last two decades and has achieved 10 league titles with the club, the latest one was in the 2018/19 season. In addition, during his time with Barcelona, Lionel Messi was also crucial to Cules’ four UEFA Champions League victories.

8. Pirri – 10 titles

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At Real Madrid, José Martínez Sánchez, better known as Pirri, was a stalwart.  From 1964-80, the central midfielder played for Los Blancos for 16 years. 

Within this time, the team lifted 10 La Liga titles, including spells of three league titles in a row from 1966-69 and also from 1977-80.

7. Paul Scholes – 11 titles

image 52

Paul Scholes, a member of the legendary Class of ’92, is one of the most famous players to wear the Manchester United shirt. Under the instruction of Sir Alex Ferguson, the midfielder was central to the success of the Red Devils. Around 1996-2013, which included some stretches of consistent success, such as 1998-2001 and 2006-09, he won 11 league titles with the club.

6. Thiago Alcantara – 11 titles

Thiago has won several titles in La Liga and Bundesliga. At the age of 29, it’s amazing that Thiago has already won 11 league titles. This is also due to the affiliation of the Liverpool midfielder with FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich when those clubs dominated the market at that time. 

For instance, for seven consecutive years between 2013-2020, the Bavarians emerged victorious in the Bundesliga and Thiago was a member of that squad. Similarly, he won four titles in the La Liga table,

5. Gianluigi Buffon – 11 titles

image 51

Throughout his career, the Italian stalwart has been a Juventus loyalist, partnering a short period with PSG in between. With the Old lady, Gianluigi Buffon has won up to ten league championships, the latest one is in the 2019-20 campaign. 

The Ligue 1 with PSG was also lifted in 2018/19 by Buffon. Like Thiago, much of the success of Buffon in the previous decade was attributed to the fact that he was affiliated with outfits that for a prolonged period of time dominated the league.

4. Arjen Robben – 11 titles

With Chelsea in the Premier League, Real Madrid in the La Liga, and Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga, Arjen Robben has accomplished several league titles. As the club won consecutive league titles from 2004-06, he was instrumental to the Blues’ revival in Jose Mourinho’s first stint. 

The player was a member of the team that finished at the top position of the league in 2007-08 in Madrid. Robben won the Bundesliga winners’ trophy on eight occasions for Bayern from 2009 to 2019.

3. Gary Neville – 12 titles

image 50

 During his career, Gary Neville vowed his loyalty to Manchester United. From the season 1992-93 to season 2010-11, he won 12 Premier League titles. In this timespan, Neville played for many positions. 

He began out as a youngster, then became a mainstay, led the team, and eventually grew to become a senior pro in the squad. The former Valencia boss is recognized as the best right-back to have plied his trade in the league until now.

2. Paco Gento – 12 titles

Francisco Gento is a legend from Spain who played as a left-winger from 1953-71 and played for Real Madrid for 18 years. Starting with Madrid for his very first season in 1953-54, he captured the Spanish top-division 12 times. Gento won six European Cup wins and even two Copa del Rey trophies in an incredibly fruitful career.

1. Ryan Giggs – 13 titles

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Ryan has played for the Red Devils during 13 seasons that the club won the Premier League. In contemporary football, he is considered to be one of the most successful players. 

During his two-decade-long period with the club, the Red Devils achieved admirable levels of success. Following David Moyes’ sacking in the 2013/14 season, Giggs even managed the club on a temporary basis. He was an assistant coach during the era of Louis van Gaal from 2014-16 and was one of the club’s longest-serving professionals. For all the latest Ryan Giggs betting tips and odds, you can check out with Fun88 India

Bottom Lines

People believe that titles marked the milestone for splendid moments. However, if we consider the title as the gift for our hard-working time, It will be much less stressful and much more motivated for us to tackle new games.

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