A Few Facts About Arsenal that You Might Not Know

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Arsenal is known to be one of the best professional football clubs in England. With a very long history and tradition, it still enjoys great popularity and success in the football world. Arsenal was founded in 1886, and it has won numerous trophies since then. Whether you are an Arsenal fan or not, these facts are sure to interest you.

Some Amazing Facts About Arsenal 

The rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur is older than you think

Arsenal is one of the football clubs that has never suffered relegations from the top tier of football in England. Arsenal found itself getting a promotion from the Second Division in 1919 after a vote among the chairmen of the league. The rivalry between Arsenal fans and Spurs fans continues to this day.

There are many claims that there was corruption and bribery involved in all these developments. However, what is commendable is that ever since Arsenal’s promotion, it has never looked back and has continued to flourish over a century.  

The history behind Arsenal’s name

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Back when Arsenal was first founded in 1886, it was founded under a different name called Dial Square. It was basically named after the factory workshop at the government munitions factory in Woolwich, a district in southeast London. From Dial Square, the name then changed to Royal Arsenal, and from Royal Arsenal, it changed to Woolwich Arsenal.

 When the club moved to Highbury, a district in North London, it was finally named as Arsenal, and the name has remained the same ever since. The club players are endearingly referred to as “the gunners” because of its humble beginnings in Woolwich.

The history behind Arsenal’s uniform

If you are curious about why this football club is always seen donning red, there is a reason behind it. Back when Arsenal as Dial Square, its two founding members Morris Bates and Fred Beardsley are the principal reason why Arsenal wears red. These two players were actually former team players of Nottingham Forest. They graciously donated red shirts to the club as it was then facing financial issues.

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It is also said that Herbert Chapman, the famous Arsenal manager, is the reason why Arsenal players wear red with white sleeves. It turns out that he once saw someone wearing these colours and felt that with these colours, the players could recognize each other much better.

The first football match with a running commentary

It is quite interesting to see how Arsenal has been present in the most significant moments of football history. Back when the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) became a public corporation after receiving a royal charter, it broadcasted the first football match in football history. Henry Blythe Thornhill Wakelam, a former Harlequins rugby player, had the privilege of being the first commentator to this legendary game. On this day, the BBC radio listeners enjoyed listening to Wakelam’s commentary while sitting cosy in their homes.

The first football match with a live broadcast

Back when the BBC started its television service in 1936, it had arranged for a sports exhibition to showcase its ability to show live sports on television. The match between Arsenal and arsenal reserves, along with the introduction of the team, was broadcasted for 15 mins. However, it is interesting to note that no one exactly knows the result of the match. The question of which team won that day is still a thing of intrigue and mystery.

The first football match with a live broadcast in 3d

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Sky Sports broadcasted the premier league clash between Arsenal and Manchester United in 3d to 9 pubs in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Manchester and Dublin. The match was on Sky’s dedicated 3d channel. The pubs remained unnamed as there were concerns of too many crowds for this special event. The viewers wore 3d spectacles and enjoyed the unique experience over drinks. 

Arsenal’s winning record

Arsenal has an incredible winning record. It has won a total of fourteen Football Association Challenge Cups, also well known as FA Cups. Arsenal is loved for his scintillating style of playing on the field. It has indeed proved itself to be invincible in English football and is undoubtedly considered as one of the best football clubs even by its envious opponents.

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Tube Station

The famous Arsenal manager Herbert Chapman is the sole reason for why there is only one station in the entire United Kingdom to be named after a football team. An underground station called Gillespie Road Tube Station was renamed as Arsenal Tube Station. Fans flock to this station which is located in Highbury in London, to take pictures.

In Conclusion

Arsenal is well known for its team spirit and attacking style. Fans love how Arsenal always beats the odds and shines as an underdog in many of its matches. It also turns out that even the Queen is a fan of Arsenal.

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