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Top 10 Most Watched Non-English Netflix Originals Shows

Most Watched Non-English Netflix Originals

In this terrible condition, Netflix has released a lot of incredible series over the entire year. As the pandemic cases are rises day by day, so we have to stay safe. Still, it does not mean that we can’t enjoy the series and the shows.

As Netflix Originals have contained many series to watch those incredible staff inside our home, Netflix has contained English series, and it has contained many non-English language shows. It will be a safe way to enjoy the shows. There are many fantastic non-English series which have been watched mostly and also preferred by the audiences.


Here is a list of the top 10 most-watched Non-English Language Netflix Originals:

10.The White Tiger

It is also a fantastic and most-watched series. It tells the story of an ambitious Indian driver. Arvind Adiga’s popular film White Tiger depicts Balram Halwai who was born in India in a poor family and seeks a life in the light. He wants a life of freedom and also financial prosperity.

9.Squared Love

The set of this film is based in Warsaw, Poland, and it follows a story of a popular journalist who was falling in love with a model who had a double life. After that, the journalist starts to rethink his life.

8.Dark Desire

It is a Spanish-language Netflix Original series. The story of this film is based on one married woman who was in an affair to get back at her husband. After 18 episodes of this series it has been seen that mothers and daughters have the same lovers, brothers are also in love with one same woman, and for one mysterious death, all have the same theory.

7.Lost Bullet

This series is based on a car mechanic who has a criminal past has been caught in the crossfire between the good and the bad police officers. Now he is on a mission to find a lost bullet for that his mentor was killed to prove himself safe and innocent.


This series is based on the famous battle of the Teutoburg Forest, in which brave Germanic warriors become reunited under a brave and strong woman who forged marriage. It was halted to the north direction in advance of the Roman Empire in AD 9.

5.Below Zero

It is an incredible series which is based on prison transport. On a lonely road when a prison was transported is assaulted brutally. Martin who was the cop driving the car survived and also fortifies his position while the conman was in search to finish him.

4.Who Killed Sara?

It is an incredible crime thriller series. In this series after Alex is framed for the murder of his sister, Alex sets out for an act of exacting revenge and tries to find out the real culprit.

3.The Platform

This series is based on the story of a vertical prison that has one cell per level and each cell has two people. There is only one food platform and provides only two mi8nutes each day to feed. It depicts a never-ending nightmare trapped in The Hole.

2.Money Heist

It is a popular and most watched crime drama series on Netflix. The real name of this series is La Casa de Papel. The story is based on eight thieves who are taking hostages and they lock themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain o that the criminal mastermind can manipulate the police to execute the plan.

1.Lupin (Season 1)

It is also one of the most-watched series, the story of this series is inspired by the adventures of Arsene Lupin. He is a gentleman thief Assane Diop comes out to avenge his father against the injustice which was inflected by a healthy family.




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