MSI to refresh its flagship gaming laptops with Tiger Lake-H CPUs and Nvidia RTX 30-series GPUs

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MSI is one of those gaming companies that has stayed faithful to Intel with its Gaming laptop designs. It’s among the few who have decided to relaunch their gaming laptops with a combination of Intel’s 10th generation and GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards.

However, to the dismay of everyone who has purchased those laptops, the intel will soon, within nine days actually, will be launching a new processor for those exact gaming laptops.

And thus, MSI will soon be making some re-designs to its gaming laptops. Among the laptops getting refreshed, we know that the company’s flagship, GE66/76 Raider with RTX 30 Max-P graphics is also included and will look pretty much identical to its previous model.

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However, the insides of the device will be changed substantially, and the 11th Gen Core series will be faster than the 10th Gen. other specifications include that since it’s powered by Tiger Lake-H then the laptop also supports PCIe Gen4 and Thunderbolt 4, not to mention faster DDR4-3200 memory.

The GE66/76 Raider and GS 66/76 Stealth series is also getting a refresh with Tiger Lake-H. MSI will also launch the new GL76 Leopard as well as the GL76 Thin series. Reports indicate that MSI will offer up to Core i9-11980HK and RTX 3080 Max-P graphics with GE66/76 Raider Series, however, their cost will be around 3000 to 4000 EUR.

All the refreshed laptops will be unveiled during the OEMs MSIology event on May 17th which is exactly six days after the launch of Tiger Lake-H.

TechnoModelCPUGPUPRICE (EUR)Screen
GS76 Stealth11UHi7-11800HRTX 30803000 USD17.3 FHD 300Hz
GS66 Stealth11UHi9-11900H
RTX 30802376 – 386015.6 FHD 300Hz
11UGTBCRTX 30702575TBC
11UETBCRTX 30602281TBC
GE66 Raider11UGTBCRTX 30702282TBC
11UHTBCRTX 30803168TBC
GE76 Raider11UHi9-11980HKRTX 3080 MaxP395617.3 FHD 300Hz
11UGi7-11800HRTX 3070 MaxP2500 USD17.3 FHD 300Hz
GF66 Thin11SCTBCGTX 1650920 – 1120TBC
11UCTBCRTX 3050 Series?1021 – 1225TBC
11UDTBCRTX 3050 Series?1123 – 1276TBC
11UETBCRTX 30601489
GF76 Thin11SCTBCGTX 16501175 – 1225TBC
11UCTBCRTX 3050 Series?1276 – 1327TBC
11UDTBCRTX 3050 Series?1378TBC
11UETBCRTX 30601530TBC
GL66 Leopard11UCTBCRTX 3050 Series?1378TBC
11UDTBCRTX 3050 Series?1480TBC
11UETBCRTX 30601683TBC
GL76 Leopard11UCTBCRTX 3050 Series?1428TBC
11UDTBCRTX 3050 Series?1530TBC
11UETBCRTX 30601734TBC
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