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AMD promises to improve Radeon RX 6000 RDNA 2 Graphics Card stock & production

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The Red team surprised everyone last year with the launch of RDNA 2 based RX 6000 series GPUs that outperformed NVIDIA’s RTX 30-series GPUs for the first time, going head-to-head with NVIDIA. This in itself a huge achievement for team Red and having reviewed all the cards, I can tell you, these RDNA 2 GPUs are really powerful.

However, AMD’s main problem has had to tackle is with stocks; yes, these GPUs are found in very limited quantity. Thus, helping scalpers increase prices and the global chip crisis just worsens the situation even more, so, even though these RX 6000 series GPUs are great, finding them at the right prices might give you nightmares.

We expect Radeon 6000 Series GPU sales to grow significantly over the coming quarters as we ramp production.

We see good customer ordering patterns and a strong backlog. And then we have also seen that the supply chain has been tight overall for the semiconductor industry. And we’ve been working very closely with our supply chain partners. And so we also have good visibility to additional supply as we go throughout the year.

And whether you’re talking about consoles or you’re talking about PC gaming or you’re talking about the overall sort of gaming ecosystem, there’s significant demand. And so we believe there’s strong demand, and we’re continuing to ramp supply to meet that.

Dr. Lisa Su, AMD CEO

Having posted an amazing Q1 2021 revenue figure, AMD CEO Dr Lisa Su was keen to speak up on the current situation of the company’s GPU stocks. She stated that the current Radeon RX 6000 gaming graphics cards demand still exceeds supply and the same thing has been heard by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang as well.

Yeah. So the consumer graphics or the gaming graphics business, as you talked about, has actually done well for us. It grew double digits this past quarter. We had a very deliberate strategy here with the launch of RDNA 2.

We started at the top of the stack with our Big Navi product. And then we’ve now introduced a couple of additional products. And you’ll see that both from the channel, sort of adding board cards into more OEM systems and notebook business as well as additional variants. So it’s an important market segment for us.

We’re happy with the progress. I think gamers really appreciate the product. It’s fair to say that the graphics demand is very high across the marketplace. So we’ve actually put quite a bit of product into the market, but the demand still exceeds supply.

Dr. Lisa Su, AMD CEO

Obviously, the demands have exceeded a lot, and AMD’s overall improvement in raw graphics performance is insane, and seeing the current situation, gamers have become more desperate than ever. AMD has acknowledged that graphics revenue for Q1 2021 increased with a double-digit percentage gain versus the previous year.

Though AMD promises to increase production, until and unless both AMD and NVIDIA meet the insane demand, prices won’t decrease as they will illicitly be sold at higher price points. It is still expected that GPU supply issues will persist till the end of 2021 and could finally end by next year.

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