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AMD’s Zen 5 Ryzen Desktop APUs to adopt Hybrid architecture like Intel’s Alder Lake

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The Red team is planning for a brighter future by making the Zen 5 architecture more flexible and efficient. We know how ARM’s big. LITTLE design has changed the landscape of next-gen computing, drastically reducing power consumption without affecting performance, the biggest example of it has to Apple’s M1 chip.

As reported by Moepc, the new rumour surrounds with respect to AMD’s Zen 5 architecture as the recent leaks suggest AMD’s Zen 3 refresh or Warhol might just be cancelled. It is now been reported that AMD Zen 5 chips will be fabricated on the upcoming 3nm process node whereas Zen 4 chips will be based on the 5nm process node, which has already been confirmed by AMD itself.

The positive fact is that AMD’s Zen 5 APUs are in its early design & development phase, and as per rumors, these upcoming desktop APUs with Zen 5 cores will be known as Strix Point. If we go true by assumptions based on past results, AMD does bigger architectural revamps for its odd-numbered Zen architectures in contrast to even-numbered Zen cores get better optimizations. 


So, as we saw with Zen 3, there was a major architectural revamp in terms of cache design, and you can expect Zen 4 to bring improvements over the same design but built on a more refined 5nm process. When Intel is planning to bring 10nm based desktop processors with key features like DDR5 support, AMD isn’t just stopping as Zen 5 based Strix Point APUs are expected to be part of the Ryzen 8000 family.

The major overhaul comes in terms of core design, yes AMD will finally use big.LITTLE design which it patented some time ago. Yes, this will be a hybrid architecture based on an advanced 3nm node, giving room to equip more cores into the silicon and not only AMD, but the Blue team’s Alder Lake CPUs will also sport the same architecture.

The AMD Strix Point Ryzen APUs will be featuring up to 8 large Zen 5 cores and 4 smaller cores. At the same time, Intel will be using its Atom x86 cores as the smaller cores that lack SMT support, while the bigger cores will be based on the x86 Sunny Cove architectures and feature SMT support.

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These AMD Strix Point APUs are rumoured to debut in 2024, but these are very early days to confirm the specs but gives a fair idea of what we can expect when the computing battle is getting intense every day. With Zen 5 Ryzen CPUs and APUs, you can also expect some serious memory subsystem changes and a new IMC and redesigned cache. 

Also, AMD’s upcoming Zen 4 based Ryzen processors or Raphael will sport on-board RDNA 2 GPU architecture and so could follow-on to Zen 5. However, AMD’s upcoming APUs look as interesting as they are now while Intel needs to catch up soon, and we expect some real improvements will Alder Lake.

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