Disney’s new Robot will mimic many of its characters, including Groot

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When we first saw Groot in the Guardians of Galaxy Vol 1 movie, we were impressed by the introduction of Groot. However, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 introduced us to baby Groot, and we were blown out of our minds. And now, according to recent sources, the new adorable robot in town, and this one may one day convince you, or more likely your kid, that their favourite Disney character is real.

The new and latest project Kiwi, an in-development robotics platform from Disney’s Imagineering Research and development studio. The project is ongoing for more than three years of work; it’s a small robot that can move and act independently and take the form of many different characters, including Baby Groot.

Imagineering announced that creating a robotic actor that could interact with Disney theme parks guests one day and make them feel like they’re face-to-face with their favourite characters. However, even if the robots are an excellent new technology, the company stated that the latest robotics technology is still a long way from being featured in Disney parks.

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Imagineering stated that it focuses on a new set of actuators that will make the robot better equipped to handle sudden interactions, such as a kid running up to hug it, that could topple it over. The team is also working on a new sensor suite that will allow Kiwi to understand the world better and identify human faces.


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