“Cursed (Season 2)”: All you need to know in 2021

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After the release of Cursed (Season 1), Netflix has confirmed that they are coming in this year with the latest fantasy series Shadow and Bone, which hit this OTT platform. There is not any clear information about Season 2 of the Cursed. There are still not any renewal announcements for the season 2 episodes.

Cursed season 2: release date, cast and what we expect if the Netflix show  returns | TechRadar

Cursed is basically a Netflix Original medieval fantasy series. The story of this series is mainly based on the Illustrated Ya novel of the exact name of Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller. After getting the destruction from her village and tribe, Nimue is worked by her mother to seek the wizard Merlin and come back to him to the Sword of Power. The kingdom’s fate rests in her hands because the evil Red Paladins tries to destroy all of Fey’s kind.

Cursed' Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed or Canceled in 2021? - What's on  Netflix

Renewal of Cursed (Season 2)

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As the first year birthday of this series is coming soon, so it is expected that Cursed is yet to be renewed for the second season. It seems like we have to wait for 1-3 months to know the fate of the second season of this series.

From the various reviews of the show, it is confirmed that the show was mixed up, and also we have never heard any response that how well it performed through a statistic released by Netflix. We know that it holds Netflix’s top 10s in both the country UK and US. One hope to return to the show is that Katherine Langford is still not declared for any of the latest long-term projects.

Cursed' Season 2: Will There Be A Second Season Of This Arthurian Fantasy?


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This series is starring Katherine Langford as Nimue, Devon Turell as Arthur, Gustaf Skarsgard as Merlin, Billy Jenkins as Squirrel, Daniel Sharman as The Weeping Monk, Shalom Brune-Franklin as Morgana, Emily Coates as Sister Iris, Lily Newmark as Pym, Bella Dayne as Red Spear, and Adaku Onomogbo as Kaze.

The expectation of Cursed (Season 2)

There are still many questions after the first season that still needs to be answered from the next season.

Cursed Season 2 Theory: How Nimue Could Be Saved From Death
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Survival of Nimue

From the opening scene, we know the fate of Nimue. It was not strange that Iris is dealt with by Nimue about the potential death below. It would not be the end of Nimue, but it is expected that in the second season, we may see her transition into the role of the fabled Lady of the Lake.

The second season also might reveal the genuine potential of the power of Nimue. Due to the grief of the Gawain’s death, Nimue stuck into The Hidden’s power and emitted a magical shockwave that can be tripled throughout the encampment of the Pendragon. After Red Paladins grabbing Nimue, the body of Gawain was nicely surrounded by grass and also flowers.

Cursed Finale | Merlin's Powers Returned - Merlin Wielded The Sword of  Power Again | Epic Scene - YouTube

Returning of Merlin’s power

After become powerless for a couple of decades and due to his grief and anger at the death of Nimue, Merlin wielded the power of the sword for the first time in few years, and as a result, he hit back his magical powers. The fact is still not bright that either Merlin has to wield the sword to wake up his magical powers, or his magic would be reawakened just using the sword. As Merlin swore not to wield the swore again, so when the time comes then, Merlin will be able to be part of it or not.

Cursed' Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed or Canceled in 2021? - What's on  Netflix

Game of Thrones

Uther Pendragon and Cumber the Ice King are still going to lock the horns, but neither have possession of the power of Sword. It is known that cumber is rightful by blood, but Uther already has given the proof to be capable for albeit whiney, King.

Devon Terrell on Netflix Cursed Stunts, Season 2 & Social Justice

Arthur will be King or not

As Arthur and Morgana both belong from low birth, it indicates that neither of them has a valid claim for the crown. Arthur is never seen going to the throne, but Nimue might be influential in happening this thing. If it is assumed that both Arthur and Cumber die, then the crown will be left without a king. Arthur ascends only when he has proven himself to be a capable leader and a champion of the people.

Cursed' Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed or Canceled in 2021? - What's on  Netflix

Arthur will be possessed for Excalibur or not

In the fantasy lore, the most popular sword to wield the Excalibur, the power of swords only grants the user with untold and unparalleled abilities. Besides Nimue, Arthur seems to be the only one who would become the sword’s wielder. It is true that Arthur stole the sword to start with but still redeemed himself that which showing that he has no interest to get the sword for himself.

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