AMD’s Warhol Ryzen 6000 and Raphael Ryzen 7000 could easily crush Intel’s upcoming CPUs

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AMD’s roadmap for 2021-2022 has been the town’s talk, and the processors coming will bring some major performance improvements with them. We have found that the Warhol and Raphael processors will be the most intriguing processors among the new line of CPUs through various leaks and rumours.

So, let’s see what the advantages of upgrading to those lines of CPUs are. According to the latest information providing by RedGamingTech, there is a talk of possible IPC and performance gains that can be expected in upgrading to Warhol and Raphael.

Warhol will be a 6 nm part set to launch in Q4 2021 and is more of a Zen 3 Refresh than anything else. It will also support the current AM4 motherboard platforms and will have an increased IPC.

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According to sources, AMD may hit the 5GHz mark this time with Ryzen 6000 Warhol. Warhol offers a fair enough performance bump with 9% in general and up to 12% in some applications compared to previous Zen refreshes.

The major competitor for Warhol will be Intel’s Alder Lake, which will support DDR5 and PCIe Gen 5 and IPC improvements between 20 to 25% on the big Golden Cove cores over Willow Cove.

Much information is not provided as of now; however, if the current leaks and rumours and to be believed, then it will be a tough contest between Warhol and Alder Lake.

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Coming to Zen 4 Raphael Ryzen 7000, it is expected to feature 16 cores and 32 threads. And is expected to offer a 40-45% performance increase from Zen 2 to Zen 4 owing to DDR5 memory, the 5 nm process, and improvements to the cache, branch prediction, etc.

According to sources, Intel’s Alder Lake is not a match for AMD’s Raphael as well as its upcoming Raptor Lake, which is a successor of the Alder Lake, will also find it hard to compete against the Raphael Ryzen 7000. It looks like AMD is preparing yet another monster soon to be unleashed in the world.


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