Center Stage: How it can chage your Video Calling Experince on the new iPad Pro

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Apple Event April 20 caused great excitement to all the tech enthusiasts around the globe. Apart from the credit card service, podcast service, and AirTag the new iPad Pro, iMac, and Apple TV 4K were the main attractions. In fact, the new iPad Pro was the showstopper. The clip where Tim Cook is stilling the M1 chip from a Mac and put it in the iPad Pro is well accepted by all the fans.

Apple Center

Alongside the M1 chip in the hardware section, Apple added some new features in the other departments. Center Stage is one of them. It’s basically software magic applied in the front camera. The motive is to deliver a better video calling experience. It’s required these days because most of the people are managing and attending their studies and offices online.

Center Stage :-

The new iPad Pro is equipped with a 12MP Ultra-Wide camera in the front which is specially designed for this device only. The newly introduced Center Stage feature allows the front camera to keep users centered in the frame. Thanks to the collab between the machine learning capabilities of M1 chip and obviously the wide-angle view of the camera sensor. When s/he is moving, the camera automatically pans to keep the user within the frame.

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It’s not all, in case another person joins the call, the camera module detects that by itself and zooms out to take everyone in a single frame. Isn’t it amazing?

For example, you make a video call to one of your relatives asking about their health and surrounding situations. At the same time, you are also doing your regular household works. In the middle of the call, you move a bit. You need not to move the camera module then, the algorithm will take care of that and move the frame with you without any physical movement. Now, if any of your family members join the call. The front camera of the iPad Pro detects that and zooms out instantly so that you both can fit in the same single frame with ease.

Needless to say, the Center Stage will provide almost a hands-free video calling experience. You need not to move the camera module physically and no need to switch from normal camera mode to wide-angle mode with a click. Apple’s software part and M1 chips’ power will do these for you.

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