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List of all the new content coming this week on Netflix

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This time we are passing through a terrible situation as the second wave of terrible Corona Virus has started, after the year 2020, it is better to watch shows on the OTT platform for entertainment.

Netflix is one of the most preferable and popular OTT platforms for users and we all are eagerly waiting for the launching of some incredible stuff on Netflix. In this week much incredible stuff is listed to come on Netflix. Many new films and series are contained in this list.

Here is a list of shows coming this week on Netflix in 2021:


22.Shadow and Bone

The plot of this movie is a set of the war-torn world where according to Netflix, the lowly soldier and orphan Alina Starkov just has acquired an extraordinary and very strong power that could become the main weapon to setting her country free. Shadow Fold looming has given some monstrous threat to Alina that she becomes torn from everything that she knows for the training as a part of an elite army of the magical soldiers who are known as Grisha.


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The story of this series is based on a very shy and introverted boy who possesses an extraordinary superpower, the superpower is to become invisible at any time.


After the lifting-off from Earth, the group of a spaceship in a two-year mission to Mars has discovered an accidental stowaway on board. There they have stucked due to the risk of running out of resources, and also for the damage to the life support systems that leave them in peril.

19.Searching for Sheela

The story of this documentary is based on Osho’s controversial and sassy ex-secretary, Ma Anand Sheela who come back to India after 34 years of exile. This documentary mainly parceling her life to the world. Searching the Sheela mainly depicts an intimate look into her journey across India.


The story of a forever-alone person in a crowd and also a failed comedian named Arthur Fleck seeking connection as he walks in Gotham City street. He wears actually two masks, one which he paints for his job as a clown in the daytime and the guise which he used to feel like he is also an element of the world.


It is a Nigerian fantastic action thriller movie which is directed by Curtis Graham. The movie depicts the story of the government agencies and also with the oil companies, how they happen an explosion of the newly discovered oil in the historic city of Oloibiri.

16.Ram Prasad Ki Tehrvi

It is a Hindi language family drama. This film reveals the entire reunion of the family under one roof only for 13 days to perform all the traditions and rituals which is called Tehrvi. In this period it shows family dynamics, politics, and also their insecurities only come out and at last they will realize only people and things are important in life.

15.How to Train Your Dragon

This film is mainly a tale of a young Viking who has an aspiration to hunt dragons and he becomes an unlikely friend of a young dragon and trains there to be more than the creatures than his assumption.

Shadow and Bone Afterparty? (found this being circulated in Twitter) :  Grishaverse

14.Shadow and Bone (The Afterparty)

In this show, the stars of Netflix depict an epic combat scene. It will also play a trivia game of the Army and Crows.

13.This Lady Called Life

It shows Aiye’s greatest desire to become a chef. In this, the lady is a young, struggling, and also a single mother who has been abandoned by her family members. Now the question is she settle down with defeat or she will fight against all odds to fulfill her dream to become a chef.

12.Tell Me When

This show will depict how Workholic Will puts all his humdrum life in Los Angelos on hold to complete the last wish of his grandpa, arriving at the most iconic sights of Mexico City, and there he falls in love.

11.Life in Colour

It is a very beautiful show. This show has explored the different ways animals using colours along with their lives.

10.RUDRA(The Rise of King Pharaoh)

It is a very popular animated series. In this series, there is a little boy with superpowers who are trying to rescue his city from an evil who acquires the threat to the life of all the citizens. The boy learns a new trick of magic from his grandfather, but the evil will do everything to cease Rudra to harness his powers.

9.MOTU PATLU(Dino Invasion)

It is a popular animated series. The story of two best friends Motu and Patlu. They often found themselves in trouble. This story is based on the adventure of Dinosaur land. In that place, Patlu tries to find the solution to the problems.


It is an incredible thriller film. Truth and illusion became fades when a homeless amnesiac wakes up from an experimental medical process with the ability to watch people’s innermost traumas.

7.RUDRA (Secret of the BLACK MOON)

It is an animated series. It revolves around the story of a 9-year old magician boy who lives with his grandfather Jai Singh in the magical city of Sun City and learns different magic tricks. The evil monster from another planet comes and threatens the lives on Earth, will Rudra able to save all the people on earth or not.

6.MOTU PATLU in Octopus World

It is a new movie by Motu and Patlu. This time the two best friends are traveling to the aquatic world. In this, they will also find some trouble and try to solve the issues in that world.


It is crime thriller drama film. This film depicts the story of Roman J. Israel, Esq who is an idealistic defense attorney, he found out himself in a terrible series of an event which leads to the crisis and also the necessity of ultimate action.


It is the latest horror series. It revolves around the story of a medical student with a supernatural gift and he is trying to cash in his abilities to face off against the bad spirits until a beautiful spirit fetches romance instead.


This series is a musical documentary series based on a rock band named Heroes del Silencio from Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain. It is created by Juan Valdivia and singer Enrique Bunbury. Later bassist Joaquin Cardiel and drummer Pedro Andreu joined in it. This series depicts the journey of the band from the starting and the later events.


This show depicts that Boneta’s Luis is entertaining his thousands of fans in packed arenas and also get some invitation to travel to New York City to meet Frank Sinatra. He tells Luis that he understands that Luis is quite the crooner. In this, we have seen that Luis fall to his knees while on stage and grab his ears, mostly from the tinnitus that he has suffered from since his childhood.


This show is about a teen Koala caretaker Izzy Bae and her family. They rescue that cuddly creature in the need and also helps them to return to Australia’s Wild Magnetic World.

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