Chinese company achieves a “Historic Feat”, builds its CPU architecture

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According to the latest sources, Loongson Technology, a leading Chinese chip company based in Beijing, has finally succeeded in manufacturing its own and original self-developed CPU (central processing unit) architecture. The manufacturer Thursday, unveiled, its original CPU which uses an original instruction set. It is hailed by many as a “historic breakthrough.”

The company announced that its new infrastructure is named the “LoongArch,” which is short for “Loongson Architecture.” The company also announced that its new chip has passed the assessment of a leading third-party intellectual property evaluating agency.

Since the chip developed by Loongson has its own Instruction set, it is a very big feat by the chipmaker. An instruction set architecture (ISA) is the underlying architecture that supports the running of an operating system and a whole software ecosystem. It acts as an interface between the computer hardware and software.

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With the company creating its architecture, it has achieved the same feat as that of Intel and ARM, which are leading developers in the area of PC and Mobile market. they are undoubtedly the two best-known ISAs in the world and have a dominating presence in the global computers and smartphones worldwide market.

According to Loongson, for years the foreign CPU manufacturers have been using their ISAs as a tool to control the ecosystems. This has resulted in their competitors being excluded from the market. The companies who want to use the leading tech giants’ architecture to develop their CPUs have to pay them some heavy royalties. And since most of the leading ISA manufacturers are US-based, it becomes a hurdle for the Chinese companies to rely on those foreign ISAs, as they can’t build an independent industrial ecosystem.

“If we compare chip designing to writing articles, an ISA is like the language we use. Chinese people can write an article in English, but can never develop our national culture based on English.”

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According to sources, it took nearly 20 years to manufacture the “LoongArch,” which shows the company’s hard work and experience in CPU development and ecosystem building. The LoongArch has nearly 2,000 proprietary instructions.

“Only with our proprietary ISA can we build a new pattern in the information technology industry and form our industrial chain.”


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