NVIDIA’s GTC 2021 announcement video has a hidden message inside it

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NVIDIA’s GTC 2021 announcement was made recently, and it seems that some overly excited tech enthusiast is claiming to have deduced a hidden message inside the announcement video.

According to sources, when the video was closely inspected, the flashing lights in the tweet were a hidden morse code message. In their announcement video, NVIDIA had the following line, which seemed like it might have something to do with a clue that would drop later:

And, to have a little quick fun, we’ve added a few surprises – so be on the lookout. Watch the @NVIDIAGTC Twitter handle for clues and more details.

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Upon closer look, the blinking bulbs form a golden neuron (usually sued to depict deep neural networks). The blinking lights are actually in morse code, and each bulb represents a single word. The decoded blinking pattern gets the following results:

The blinking lights spell out “HIDDEN TREASURE HIDDEN TREASURE“.

It could mean anything; however, if the code is something to go by, we can have a scavenger hunt on our hands, much similar to what Intel did with their Xe graphics card. The following two videos were also part of the announcement, and it seems that tech enthusiasts are surfing through them to find some new clues regarding the secret message.

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The landing page is over here: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/gtc/hidden-treasure


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