“Jupiter’s Legacy” Millarworld Netflix Web Series: All we Know So Far

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It is the first time that Netflix has acquired Millarworld Universe through the TV series Jupiter’s Legacy. Jupiter’s Legacy is the latest upcoming Netflix Original superhero drama series based on the comic book of that exact name created by Mark Millar.

In the Millarworld comics, Jupiter’s Legacy and the subsequent prequel Jupiter’s circle is the most remarkable work of Millar. This drama series will be the first one that will launch on Netflix.

Jupiter's Legacy Trailer Introduces a Family Tradition of Heroes


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The story of this series takes us to the 1930s when the first category of superheroes used to prominence after recovering their powers. As the elder guard, the actual heroes are reveres in the present day. It basically depicts the struggles of the children of the fabled heroes to live up to their parent’s legacy and legendary feats.

In May 2020, Mark Millar has confirmed the comic section in this series of Netflix. He just revoked it as a combination of Jupiter’s Legacy and two-plus Jupiter’s Circle first and second.

Jupiter's Legacy trailer: Netflix & Mark Millar team for comic book mayhem  - Polygon

Ownership of Jupiter’s Legacy

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It has confirmed that Netflix is the owner of Jupiter’s Legacy, they just have acquired all the recent assets of Millarworld which are not already licensed out. It is assumed that Millarworld is to Netflix such as Marvel is to Disney. All the titles of the future Millarworld will be spontaneously developed by Netflix.

Jupiter's Legacy Trailer Sets Up Netflix's Next Superhero Series From Mark  Millar | Entertainment News


The name of the casts are as follows

  1. Sheldon Sampson (The Utopian): He is the legendary leader of the team of the superhero The Union. The world is not recognizing the struggles of the Utopian.
  2. Walter Sampson (Brainwave): He is playing the ro0le of the elder brother of ‘The Union’ Sampson. He is the darker one among the two brothers.
  3. Grace Sampson (Lady Liberty): It is the character who is the wife of Sheldon and also the mother of Chloe and Brandon. She is the very strongest hero on the planet and not afraid of Sheldon.
  4. Chloe Sampson (Paragon): It is the character who is the son of Sheldon and Grace and also heir apparent to the Utopian mantle.
  5. Fitz Small (The Flare): He is the former active superhero of The Union.
  6. Janna Croft (Ghostbeam): In this character Kara Royster playing the role of Ghostbeam.
  7. Anna Akana (Raikou): It is a character of a dual-sworded warrior created by Mark Millar.
  8. Jess Salgueiro ( Shockwave/Timone): We all have previously seen Jess in The Boys series on Amazon. This time we will not see her in the stain on the pavement.
  9. George Hutchence (Skyfox):  He is the villain of this series, the former best friend of Sheldon, and also the former ally of The Union.
Jupiter's Legacy: Blackstar's Powers and Weaknesses | CBR
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This upcoming superhero series consists of eight episodes for season one of Jupiter’s Legacy. The list of the episodes in season 1:

Ep 1- By Dawn’s Early Light by Steven DeKnight

Ep 2- Paper and Stone by Henry G.M. Jones

Ep 3-Painting the Clouds with Sunshine by Morenike Balogun Koch

Ep 4- All the Devils are hereby Akela Cooper

Ep 5- What’s the Use? By Kate Barnow

Ep 6- Cover her Face by SWang Kyu Kim

Ep 7- Omnes Pro Uno by Julia Cooperman

Ep 8- How it All Ends by Steven DeKnight

Jupiter's Legacy: Netflix Releases Hi-Res Images from the First Teaser

Release Date:

After much controversy regarding the release date, the waiting is over for season one of Jupiter’s Legacy. It has been informed that this drama series will be released on 7th May 2021.

This good news has confirmed on 23rd February 2021, after Mark Millar has dropped out of the first teaser trailer of the series and also declared the release date via Twitter. After a week on 1st March 2021, the first look of this series has revealed. According to the tweet of Mark Millar, there 8 also were released on 1st March.

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