The List of Most Viewed Series in the history of Netflix

We all are eagerly waiting for some incredible series on Netflix. In this terrible condition, the shooting of various films are postponed the last year but now, many films have finished their shootings and many fantasy series have been released on Netflix this year. It is expected that many are on the way to launch.

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Netflix has contained a lot of popular series. There is no doubt that Netflix is one of the most viewed and popular OTT platforms worldwide. Based on the views, there is much incredible stuff filled in Netflix.

Here is a list of best-viewed series available in the history of Netflix:

17.When They See Us

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Ava DuVernay has beautifully exposed the story of the Central Park five and also the rape trial that unveiled the racism of the American Police and also the law system. It is based on an assault in Central Park with five convicted and also historic rectification that could not recover the place of the wounds which is developed by the conviction.


It is one of the best top-quality series on Netflix. It is mainly a fiction story in which Jason Bateman has played the lead role and also the director in this series. The story is started by a family-run money laundering and finished with a lot of surprising and unexpected events in its fourth installment.

15.Dead To Me

This series depicts a wonderful friendship between versatile actor Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini at the moment. There are a lot of little and big secrets in them but still, they are remaining for many seasons on that platform.


This mini-series has spoken about true crime that is based on real-life events. In this series, a student has to face many difficulties to prove that she was raped, like the police, family members, and her friends also not believing in her. No doubt it is a heartwarming story to millions.

13.Our Planet

This series has been identified by Netflix as a true-crime documentary series, this series mainly exposed above the rest. It depicts about most remote series on the Earth and also showing the effects of changing climates and pollution on it.

12.Space Force

Steve Carell’s series ‘Space Force’ has created a huge response among audiences. It tells if we launch him for space on a mission to come to the moon, with the people like John Malkovich and Lisa Kudrow, then it is assumed that the 40 million will be seen as very tiny.

11.Sex Education

This series is a masterpiece on Netflix. All kinds of spices are mixed up in this series. The story of this series is included comedy, romance, feminism, risky, disturbing, and also dramatic. The center of this series is Otis and Maeve who are Emma Mackey and Asa Butterfield, they had built up pure romantic chemistry.

10.The Umbrella Academy

There is no doubt that this series is Netflix’s one of the most successful web series in the world of superheroes. It does not belong to Marvel but it depicts a group of heterodox brothers.


If you think that it is impossible to empathize with a character who is a psychopath then you should take a breath and should ask millions of fans of You and Penn Badgley. In this, the character Joe is a meticulous, brilliant stalker who had got into his victim’s head until he separates them so that he can live with them alone.

8.The Queen’s Gambit

In this modern world of technology where anyone can’t imagine playing games without smartphones or PlayStation, there Anya Taylor-Joy has managed to play chess in a fashionable way.


It has cleared that Netflix has spent its exorbitant amount of money for ‘Shoda Rhymes’ to launch series like ‘Bridgerton’. Since the last of 2020 this Victorian soap opera series has hit the mind of millions of people. It could easily extend for eight seasons if it took some inspiration from the book of Julia Quinn.

6.Tiger King

It is a series of Joe Exotic who is serving his 22 years in prison. This person belongs to one of those who had not to get any pardon from Donald Trump. It is a big surprise of 2020 that his new documentary series ‘Tiger King’.

5.Stranger Things

If you say this series is a hidden diamond of Netflix then it will not be wrong. It is more than a series and also an emblem of Netflix, as a most celebrated brand. It is not the first one from Netflix ranking but there is no doubt that this is an iconic one.

4.Money Heist

In 2020, this series is no doubt the most viewed show on Netflix. Tokyo, Rio, and the company have made a perfect heist that has not turned out to be as perfect as it. The series is contained with more seasons and also got many views.


It is a successful French production series. In this Omar Sy has supplied his life to a thief who is an important part of the history of famous culture and this fiction story depicts a modern view of execution.

2.The Crown

The story of this series has given a chronological view of the life of Elizabeth II, that hit on Netflix with a huge response. This series has been executed with an outstanding performance of Olivia Colman, Claire Foy, and Matt Smith.

1.The Witcher

Recently, this series has made a big demand on Netflix. This platform is the most-watched series in its history. Henry Cavill and “The Witcher” is acquired the first position with 76 million views.


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