Cheapest places in the World to buy iPhone in 2021

The iPhone 12 Series has been priced reasonably in countries such as the U.S. and UAE. However, India is one of the most expensive countries to buy an iPhone due to the tax system, import duties levied on these smartphones, and a weak rupee conversion; their prices have increased to insane levels.

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The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is available in the U.S. at almost the same price as the 12 Pro is available in India! Isn’t that disappointing for us? 

You can save up to Rs. 43,000 while buying the iPhone 12 Pro Max from countries such as the UAE or the U.S. An analysis by India Today revealed that the cost of flight tickets to Dubai, hotel rent, and an iPhone 12 Pro Max will cost you lower than the device itself purchased in India. 

Here are a few countries where you can buy the iPhone at the cheapest rates.

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1. United States of America 

In the USA, the tax system is a little complicated as all states in the country have different taxes for different commodities. The price of the iPhone 12 Mini can range from 699$ to around 750$ in the country that is still much lower than that in India.

We can take the cheapest case as Hampshire, there are almost no taxes, implying that you can get the highest model at Rs. 102,000 (approx), while the same is available in India at Rs. 159,999. Moreover, as the US features the largest customer base of Apple and occupies the largest chunk of worldwide sales, Apple keeps the prices quite competitive here. 

2. Japan

The iPhone 12 Series is priced the least in Japan with the iPhone 12 Mini (64GB) costs 74800 Yen, which roughly converts to Rs. 50,500, at the time of writing this. These insanely low prices come from the fact that the Japanese market is very important to Apple, the prices here are very low. They need to keep attracting customers in Japan who are looking for a phone at a reasonable price. 

3. Canada

The iPhone 12 Series prices in Canada are very similar to their North American counterparts, the U.S. Here, too, there are different taxes for different states and the cheapest iPhone 12 Mini is available at 979 Canadian Dollars, which roughly translates to Rs. 58,000, at the time of writing this. You can save up to Rs. 48,000 for the top-end 512GB variant if you import the iPhone 12 Pro Max from Canada. 

4. Dubai

Taxes here in the UAE, one of the richest countries in the world, are negligible. Apple has occupied a major chunk in the UAE market, owing to the affordable prices of the devices in the country. Moreover, due to the country’s rich and stable economy, most of the residents prefer buying an iPhone over any other Android device. The iPhone 12 Pro (128GB) is available at approximately Rs. 84,000, which is almost two-thirds of its cost in India. 

5. Australia 

If the ultimate iPhone, the 12 Pro Max, is your target, then Australia is the right destination. The phone can be purchased at a starting price of 1849 Australian Dollars, which approximately equals Rs. 1,05,000. The other models, too, are available at lower prices. 

As of Jan. 2021. Source: Cashify

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