Another Gameplay Video of Rainbow Six Parasite Has Been Leaked, Featuring Combats With Aliens

Another gameplay video of Rainbow Six Parasite (currently known as Rainbow Six Quarantine) has been leaked out on YouTube, which shows Ela blasting away at hordes of creepy aliens as she faces problems to rescue a downed REACT operator from a terrible fate.

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This leak provides a look at some of the game’s mix of familiar and new gadgets, like the scan grenade, recon drone, and the nitro cell. After that, it is basically a fast fight to find the downed agent and a fireman’s carry to the door. The post-mission screen shows a rundown of survivor bonuses, mastery improvements, and completed objectives.

In an overall sense, the leaked video of May has more information, unveiling that Parasite’s enemies are blue-green aliens having blades for arms and those flowing heads called archaeans. Players will gather more information as they progress through increasingly dangerous zones, quite similar to moving through Left 4 Dead’s safe houses, until they decide that it’s the limit and call for an extraction.

It seems possible that the operators who don’t make extraction or are left behind between the zones will be rescued later. It’s unclear if that is what we are watching in this video – PCGamer said in its May report that stranded operators “have to be freed from an archaean tree, a mass of biofilm that webs itself to an area and has to be weakened by shooting its glowing anchor points and cells,” but it fits the overall theme.

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The May video was removed quickly and it is reasonable to expect that this one will also be treated the same. Rainbow Six Parasite still doesn’t have any release date, but it is said that it will be launched this year.



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