PUBG Mobile launching a new Karakin Map in which Bombs can even Destroy Buildings

PUBG is banned in India since the September of the previous year but the game is still played by many worldwide. PUBG is not only loved because it provides an amazing gaming experience but also because it keeps on bringing new stuff for the gamers. The new and evolving features in the game aids in keeping the interest of the players alive.

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This is what motivates people to continuously play the game. In PUBG global version, a new Karakin map is going to be unveiled today on 7th April. This information, with a glimpse of the map, was shared on Twitter by PUBG Mobile themselves. Karakin is a 2×2 size map. It will make the game more exciting as this map offers very little space for the players to hide. Thus, it will be a very pacy game that will force the players to keep changing their strategies.

The only places where players can hide are the large boulders and some khandar-turned-houses and bunkers. But these are not-so-safe places as well. The new features will force players to keep changing their positions. The map comes with a Demolition Zone in which a siren suddenly starts bombarding the sky after the ringing. In other maps, in their red zones, the building was not destroyed much during bombarding but in this new Karakin map, even if the player is hidden inside the building, he will die due to the bombs.

Not only there are aerial bombs but also sticky bombs. These sticky bombs have the power to break the walls. Thus, even if you are behind the walls, you will be affected due to these bombs. A total of 64 players will be landed at one go but as the space to hide is very less, and also due to the demolition zone, you can expect the game to end much before than usual time.

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