NVIDIA’s GTX cards now receive support for its RTX Voice feature

Most of us don’t even know that Nvidia’s RTX cards have a feature called the NVIDIA RTX Voice. First introduced on the RTX 20 series cards, it also supports the RTX 30 series card, but according to recent sources, the Voice feature has been patched to support GTX graphics card as old as the Kepler-based GTX 600 series cards.

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RTX Voice uses AI to improve audio communication by removing unwanted background noise. According to NVIDIA, its RTX Voice takes advantage of Tensor Cores which are only on RTX cards. 

However, even if the Tensor Cores are the sole property of the RTX cards, with a simple hack, the RTX Voice was made to run on Windows 7 systems as well as non-RTX cards. Now, the green time has finally decided to bring the RTX Voice feature on its GTX line of cards as well.

RTX Voice feature was introduced a long time ago, and not many knew about it. However, the feature has already received a successor now and it’s the RTX Broadcast, which has already been released by NVIDIA.

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But, as you might have guessed the RTX Broadcast is exclusive to RTX cards meaning that non-RTX owners will only be able to use RTX Voice and not RTX Broadcast. The RTX Broadcast feature combines RTX Voice with a customization feature regarding webcams that allows for virtual backgrounds while broadcasting.

So, we can assume that the RTX Voice won’t be receiving updates frequently as it is not the most recent version. And it may soon be reaching its End of Life period.



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