Apple to start A15 Bionic production by end of May 2021

We all have heard the rumours about Apple unveiling its new iPhone 13 in September this year, however, more than the device we are all excited to peek at the new processor powering the upcoming iPhone.

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Apple is reportedly been pulling extra timers to ensure that there is no delay in the release of the product. Coming to the processor, it is being reported that the Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company will start mass production of the A15 Bionic chipset in late May.

Early reports also indicated a possible production date for the A15 Bionic. But, now it has been confirmed that the chip will enter into mass production by the end of May. The new silicon is also reported to be produced using TSMC’s enhanced 5nm node, also known as N5P.

Due to the involvement of TSMC’s new 5nm process node, it is estimated that the performance and power efficiency of Apple’s upcoming processor will be improved. Apple has currently booked more than half of TSMC’s fabs to increase the production rate of its processors. Last year the Cupertino giant had to delay the release of its iPhone 12 owing to the global pandemic. And this time the company has to face the global chip crisis.

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As such, the iPhone maker doesn’t want to take any chances with its launch schedule and will be starting the production of its processor beforehand. As the global chip crisis has crippled most smartphone makers, Apple on the other is yet to experience any severe crisis like its competitors. At least for a few months, we can expect Apple to have a steady supply of components it needs to manufacture it’s iPhone 13.



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