‘Zero’: The Official Trailer has been released on Netflix

Netflix has currently added a new trailer of an upcoming series named Zero. The story of this series is based on a very shy and introverted boy who possesses an extraordinary superpower, the superpower is to become invisible at any time. If you think it is a superhero series then it’s not true, this is a story of the modern hero who comes to know about his powers when he is in trouble and just tries to escape from the Barrio, the district of the Milan suburb. He leads a very normal life like you and me with these superpowers, he always trying to use his powers for good purposes.

Zero: Netflix Sets Global Premiere Date for New Italian Original Series –  The Euro TV Place
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In this series, Zero might have to wear some uncomfortable clothes of a hero. At an adventure, he will find that some people in this adventure need the help of his suburb as some people start to increasing rent and also kick out the people, in this adventure he will discover a deep friendship with Sharif, Inno, Momo, and Sara. He will also find his love in this journey.

Zero", la serie supereroistica italiana di Netflix - Fumettologica


This series is featuring with a young Italian talents with first and second generation that is included with Giuseppe Dave Seke as Zero, Haroun Fall as Sharif, Beatrice Granno as Anna, Richard Dylan Magon as Momo, Daniela Scattolin as Sara, Madior Fall as Hymn, Virginia Diop as Awa, Alex Van Damme as Thierno, Frank Crudele as Sando kan, Giordano de Plano as Ricci, Ashai Lombardo Arop as Marieme, Roberta Mattei as La Vergine, Miguel Gobbo Diaz as Rico, and Livio Kone as Honey.

Marracash nella colonna sonora di Zero, su Netflix da aprile
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Release date

It has been confirmed that this series is going to hit on Netflix on 21st April 2021. It is a very different kind of story with some superhero vibes, there are a lot of twists and turns in this series, it is expected that this will create a response in the audience.

Here is the trailer:


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