Chinese government seized a cargo-carrying 300 MP 30HX GPUs

With the world currently facing the semiconductor crisis, graphics card manufacturer Nvidia has decided to increase its supply to make up for the vacuum in the market. Though it may sound good news for gamers, however, it’s a fact that the heavy-working GPUs are mostly purchased and exploited by hungry crypto-miners. As such, even if the supply is increased, the cards will hardly reach gamers’ hands.

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The green team came up with a solution and announced its CMP line of graphics cards dedicated to cryptocurrency mining. And the cards have started to roll out since the first quarter of 2021. To get their hands on the crypto-mining cards, every user has to place an order for them. They are not sold through the retail market.

But, even though the order is made, genuinely, there always will be trouble waiting. According to fresh sources, a batch of 300 CMP 30HX graphics cards headed to mining farms in China has been seized by Hong Kong Customs authorities.

The reports suggest that Hong Kong Customs Authorities has seized a total of 300 NVIDIA CMP 30HX graphics cards, labelling them as smuggled units. The cards were reportedly headed to Chinese mining farms.

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It is worth reporting that China still has a ban implemented in several provinces against Cryptocurrency mining operations. So, we can only think of that being the case with what just happened. However, it still doesn’t provide any concrete logical reasoning for why the shipment was termed as smuggled units.

The release of the CMP or Crypto Mining Processor lineup is an attempt from Nvidia to stabilise the availability of graphics cards in the market for its gamers while providing the miners with cards designed specifically for them.



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