MSI shows overclocking of Intel’s latest Rocket Lake CPU using its Z590 motherboard

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MSI is one of the first among Intel’s AIB’s to fully launch complete support for the company’s 11th Generation Rocket Lake platform. In a recent Insider Livestream, MSI went on to explain every major aspect of Intel’s new platform.

In its video, MSI covered topics such as overclocking, adaptive boost technology, gear modes for memory overclocking and support, package power, & temps during stock and overclocked.

In the Livestream, the first thing which MSI covered was to test the setup for overclocking the Intel Core i9-11900K which includes the MSI Z590 Gaming Carbon Motherboard and an MSI MPG K360 Liquid cooler. The OEM managed to push the voltages to 1.36V and the CPU was set to an overclock of around 5.2 GHz.

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The OEM starts by showing an Intel Core i9-11900K overclocking behavior chart. In the chart, you can see, how the voltages affect the overall package power and temperatures. The Intel Core i9-11900K relies on a 14nm process node so it is expected to get very hot. According to MSI, to hit a 5 GHz all-core overclock, you need around 1.33V, which pushes the package power to 291W & CPU temps to 92C.

MSI also warns that any activity which will take the CPU above 5 GHz would result in over 300W package power and over 100C temps. And the OEM, to reach the 5.1 GHz on the Intel Core i9-11900K, recommends a voltage of 1.37V which will use a package power of 325W and 102C temps.

As for 5.2 GHz is concerned, the OEM supplied a voltage of 1.42V which resulted in 378W package power and 113C temps. MSI also provides its own CPU cooler Tuning configurations which let you select from a pre-determined list of power profiles based on your CPU cooler capabilities.

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