Top 10 Upcoming Web Series in April only on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a fantastic and most famous online video streaming service. There is every kind of fantastic web series are available in it. As the people are become habituated with the new normal after the pandemic situation so many series have completed their shootings and ready to launch on the OTT.

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For web series, Amazon Prime Video is one of the renowned platforms for viewers. In this month Amazon Prime Video also is going to launch many incredible web series that is enough to give goosebumps to our mind.

Here is a list of the Top 10 upcoming series available on Amazon Prime Video:

10.After the First 48 (Season 1)

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Release date: 1st  April

The story of this series is based on the real-life of detectives in many cities. The detectives are trying to solve the case within the first 48 hours after the homicide.

9.Couples Therapy(Season 1)

Release Date: 1st April

This upcoming series will open a hidden world of other’s relationships. It will bring users an authentic and visceral weekly experience of therapy with four couples.

8.Garfield & Friends(Season 1)

Release Date: 1st April

It is an American animated series that is based on the comic strip Garfield by Jim Davis. The story of this series is based on sarcastic Garfield who is lazy felines, the only desire in his life is Lasagna, catnaps, and also ignoring Mondays.

7.Rectify(Season 1)

Release Date: 1st April

The story of this series is based on Daniel Holden who has put his entire life back together after serving the death row Georgia for 19 years before the DNA evidence revokes his conviction into question.

6.The Missing(Season 2)

Release Date: 2nd April

It is an incredible web series coming on Amazon Prime Video. The story of this series is based on a young woman who walks into the town from where she was abducted for the last 11 years, now the main question is if she holds the key to the whereabouts of the other missing girl or not.

5.Bosch(Season 4)

Release date: 13th April

It is a very famous prime original series that is based on Michael Conelly’s novel which is once again returning with the fourth season. In this Tutus Welliver is featuring Harry Bosch who is troubled lonely as a top-notch detective for the LAPD.

4.Red Rock(Season 3)

Release Date: 23rd April

It is a part crime drama series, part soap opera. This story of this series is totally dominated by the two feuding families, it also depicts the clean-cut Henderson and the more evil Kielys. It also included alliances shift, romances bloom and also arrived with surprises with the regularity.

3.Vikings(Season 5)

Release Date: 24th April

The story of this series is based on the ninth century in Europe that will be unveiled in the series about the legendary Norse raiders. In the upcoming season 5, Jonathan Rhys Meyers has joined in the cast as the warrior priest Heahmund. This series is filled with a lot of action scenes.

2.All or Nothing :A Season with the Dallas Cowboys

Release Date: 27th April

This entire pro football season, on the field and off, is documented beautifully with amazing detail. This season is focusing on the Dallas Cowboys, who was entered the 2017 season with very high expectations. This series is definitely for football fans.

1.The Family Man(Season 2)

Release Date: 28th April

After a lot of disagreement about the release of the second season, finally, the release date has been fixed. In the second season of the series, we will see that Srikant Tiwari will have to face many new, powerful, and exciting enemies, it is contained with a lot of incredible and action-filled moments, and it will also unveil the real destiny of Delhi that is loosely bounded because of an imminent chemical attack.


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