Home Technology Instagram launches “Remix” for Reels, a TikTok Duet-like feature

Instagram launches “Remix” for Reels, a TikTok Duet-like feature

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Reels, a short video feature on the social media app Instagram, already has huge similarities with TikTok in multiple ways, and now, it’s getting one more feature from the popular video app: duets. On Instagram, users can now “remix” a reel, a feature that is already popular on TikTok, remix would mean that they a user can upload a video next to another user’s, building on top of the original clip. This feature has often been used for dance challenges, under the “duet” function in TikTok.

You can record your reel or upload pre-recorded footage after you select “Remix this Reel” from the three-dot menu of any selected reel. You will also have control of the volume for the original audio or your recorded audio, and also be able to add a voiceover, along with other editing functions.

Only new reels that are created after the update is done will have remixes enabled automatically, but if you want to enable remix on a reel that has been made by you earlier, you can manually turn that on by tapping that three-dot menu on your own video and selecting “Enable Remixing.” If you want to turn off remixing on all your reels, you can do so via your broader profile settings.

Instagram announced its new feature on Twitter:

Reels made its debut in August last year and initially, Facebook-owned Instagram seemed open to having people repurpose their TikToks on the platform. But as time has passed, Instagram has been adding more TikTok-like features while also deemphasizing any content that’s been recycled (In February, Instagram announced that its algorithm will not promote Reels with the TikTok watermark).

The company is clearly working hard towards making the short-form video content a mainstay as it added a Reels button to its home screen and ensured the feature made the cut for its global Lite app.





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