Top 5 new changes in F1 rules ahead of the 2021 season

Major changes to the structure of Formula 1 regulations are coming in 2022. Before that, the 2021 season is a pre-test before the finals. There are a number of technical tweaks have been made ahead of the season’s opening race in Bahrain.

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Here are the top 5 changes in F1 rules ahead of the 2021 season:

1. Changes in floor, brakes, and diffuser system

FIA has issued some instruction on the grid, especially at the back, which has focused a lot on the floor design of the cars, the brakes and the diffuser system. The shape of the cars has been changed from the shape of last year. For that, all the cars have lost 15 percent of their total downforce in comparison to the 2020 models.

2. Limit on Expenses

As per the new rules, every team can spend up to 145 million dollars. In 2022 the spending will be 140m dollars and then 135m dollars in 2023. Although the salaries of drivers and some top figures within the team don’t count against this.

3. Heavier Car

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The weight of the cars has been changed as well. It is increased from 746 KG to 752 KG.

4. No Dual-axis steering

Last year Mercedes introduced the Dual-Axis steering system (DAS). It was highly advantageous for the drivers. This year it is banned from the competition.

5. Cars to push their limit

There will be a total of 23 races take place this season. All of them will be held between April and December. Last year the cars started to lose reliability near the end of the season. This year there will be penalties for exceeding eight chassis used in the entire season.

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