Nvidia working on new affordable workstation Ampere based GPUs

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For content creators and work-heavy users, Nvidia offers its RTX A6000 Ampere graphics which supports workstations. But, as it stands, it is the only option for workstation users, and as things go, Nvidia seems to have decided to provide more options for workstation users to explore.

According to sources, Nvidia is ready to sell its RTX A5000 and RTX A4000 as the more affordable pro options for content creators and work-heavy users. Both the cards are based on the Ampere GPU architecture and are siblings to the flagship RTX A6000.

Reports indicate that the cards were submitted for the OpenCL 1.2 and as we already know that the NVIDIA RTX A6000 uses the full GA102 GPU, we can assume that the RTX A5000 and RTX A4000 will have NVIDIA’s Ampere GA104 and GA106 GPUs, respectively.

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According to sources, the NVIDIA RTX A5000 has a total of 6144 CUDA cores and will also have a 256-bit bus. We can also expect either 16 or 32 GB GDDR6 memory. The NVIDIA RTX A4000, on the other hand, will have GA106 GPU with 3840 CUDA cores and could end up with up to 12 GB of GDDR6 memory running across a 192-bit bus interface.

According to sources, the NVIDIA RTX A5000 workstation graphics card has been spotted within a workstation laptop comprising of an Intel Core i7-11600H CPU. The machine was tested in the Ashes of The Singularity benchmark, but unfortunately, we don’t have any new details regarding the GPU.

It is a good sign that Nvidia is preparing more affordable graphics cards for workstations, based on its Ampere GPU architecture, and we can expect them to launch in the coming months in both desktop and laptop discrete flavors.

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