The National Rugby League is scheduled to start from the 11th of March. Fans in Australia and abroad are eagerly looking forward to watching the Rabbitohs, and the Panthers sweat it out. 

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The sports sites are ready for their analysis, daily updates and tips on the NRL best teams & players. Every little detail matters to hardcore fans after an unusual 2020 season. 

News forums are also continually updating themselves so that both the fans and tippers have the latest and most accurate information possible. 

With the first match only a few days away, many rugby experts, ranging from veteran players to enthusiasts, are making predictions on which team or player will make it big this season. 



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With players changing teams and contracts, online web portals are rife with conversations about which team will make it to the finals this season. The popular opinion is that the South Sydney Rabbitohs are perfectly poised to win. Their trials have been promising, and all eyes are on the team as they exhibit to-notch moves in their games. 

Another popular opinion on these web portals is that the Sydney Roosters also show great promise, even though their performance was a little lacklustre last season. Experts are divided between the Penrith Panthers and the Sydney Roosters as to which team will come in a close second. These opinions, again, are a result of watching their performance in the trials.

Tippers looking for reliable teams should keep an eye out for these teams when they play. Keeping tabs on the trial matches also provides vital information on what to expect when the game goes down.


Many news forums and sports enthusiasts have shortlisted players to watch out for this NRL season after watching the trial matches. These players are rookies but are showing excellent promise on the trials. One of the primary rookie players who have caught the public eye is Tolu Koula from the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles. After watching him play, experts think he will make a magnificent fullback, though they think he may be placed centre-field. 

Another player to look out for is Sam Walker from the Sydney Roosters, who has been turning heads with his moves on the trials. The prodigy of Ben Walker, a former NRL player, also shows great promise and is touted to be a crowd favourite. Another contender for the public choice is Darius Farmer. All of 6 foot 3, his towering build earned him the second-rower position, and fans are waiting to see what he will bring to the arena.

One of the youngest rookies making headlines at the trials is Sam Hughes from the Parramatta Eels. With his hefty build, many think he will be a prime front-rower with his body. And finally, Harley Smith Shields from the Canberra Riders is also a well-deserved candidate for this list. The Riders may have missed Crocker, but Shields seems to fit the bill just as well.

Tippers looking for some action on the NRL stands should certainly watch out for these rookies, who have already caught media attention on the trials. All eyes will be on them once the matches commence.

Rahul Roy
I am a computer guy by profession and a sports fanatic by choice.

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