Former PSG player Jean-Pierre Adams is in a coma for the last 39 years

Jean-Pierre Adams is a France international who played as a centre-back. He played for OGC Nice and Paris Saint-Germain. He suffered a ligament rupture injury and was hospitalised for surgery on 17 March 1982 at the Edouard Herriot Hospital in Lyon.

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But his anaesthetist made an error, and he suffered bronchospasm, which starved his brain of oxygen, and he slipped into a coma. He is still tragically in a coma to this day, aged 73 years.

Later, a court of law adjudicated on the case, and both the anaesthetist and trainee were given one-month suspended sentences and fines that translated to an $815 fine. His wife, Bernadette, refused to consider euthanasia and continued to tend to his needs.

Bernadette told CNN, last year: “No one ever forgets to give Jean-Pierre presents, whether it’s his birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day.”

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“We buy presents like a T-shirt or a jumper because I dress him in his bed – he changes clothes every day.”

“I’ll buy things so that he can have a nice room, such as pretty sheets or some scent. He used to wear Paco Rabanne, but his favourite one stopped, so now I buy Sauvage by Dior. He senses that it is not me feeding him and looking after him. It’s the nurses who tell me, saying he is not the same. I think he feels things. He must recognize the sound of my voice, as well.”

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