Xiaomi Was Able to Sell Over 10 Million Premium Smartphones, Made an Impressive 2020 Annual Results

Xiaomi has recently declared its financial results for 2020. It seems that the year was a strong one for the company, which had a notable growth of 17.5 percent year on year over 2019, with having shipments of 146.4 million in total.

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On Twitter, the Chinese tech giant posted its financial performance earlier this week. The company shared the images, where it is shown that how the company managed to sell over 10 million premium or high-end handsets in the last year. In addition, the company also said that now its MIUI has over 400 million monthly active users. Xiaomi’s half of the entire revenue comes from the overseas market.

In the company’s home country – China, Xiaomi usually sells its premium smartphones over 3,000 Yuan which is roughly 460 US Dollars, and in the overseas market, the amount is above 300 Euros which is nearly 350 US Dollars. This figure doesn’t point towards its flagship series of smartphones. In 2020, the rise of the company’s smartphone shipments helped it to acquire the third spot as the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, meanwhile, Huawei faced a huge decline during the same time.

Xiaomi was managed to bring in nearly all of the demand for the handsets and was able to increase its domestic shipments by an impressive 51.9 percent year on year. The company had 245 billion Yuan overall revenue (nearly 37.4 billion US Dollars), out of which, 152 billion Yuan (nearly 23.2 billion US Dollars) was from only smartphones, while the other electronic portfolio helped the remaining arriving.

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