Var rules under debate next season

The introduction of VAR into modern football was one of the most significant changes that has happened to the sport in over a decade. The technology now allows referees to review calls made by them that lead to, or should lead to penalties, offsides or sending offs. 

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However, while the prospect did sound good on paper, it’s implementation has been questionable to say the least. Goal celebrations now bring about with almost an assurance that VAR could possibly rule it out, and prevents players from celebrating and taking in the natural flow of the game. 

As reported by the Times, the higher authorities for referees in the Premier League are set to meet soon, and they will decide the future of the way that decisions are made. Many clubs are reportedly in favour of the Dutch system wherein marginal offsides are done away with completely. 

The new action plan is set to be developed soon and will be passed on to the active on field referees in matches once the complete list has been passed by the chief referees. 

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Decisions over the last two years have been polarising, with the blame coming up on the on field referee who has the power to consult the monitors on the side of the pitch in case something needs to be looked at


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