Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra to debut with Silicon Oxygen Negative Battery

Super Fast Charge Silicon Oxygen Negative Battery promises higher energy density, larger capacity, faster charging

Xiaomi has always brought innovative things to its smartphones and among them charging is a key area where it has excelled. So, it has recently announced that its upcoming Mi 11 Ultra will launch the first super-fast charged silicon oxygen negative battery.

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This makes the battery thinner and faster to charge, it is good to see Xiaomi has pioneered the use of new energy vehicle battery technology in mobile phones. It has been implemented by negatively increasing the nanoscale silicon material, bringing 10 times the theoretical capacity of graphite.

ITHome’s report also went on to say:

The second generation of silicon-oxygen negative-pole batteries makes silicon particles less prone to powdering by “adding lithium to silicon”, resulting in a theoretical graphulation capacity of 10 times that of graphite. At the same time, the nano-silicon lithium complement, overcome the silicon-carbon battery first charge efficiency is low, short battery life two industry problems.

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Xiaomi also said that silicon negative battery as a new direction of battery material, has been used in some new energy vehicles, and the mobile phone industry may be the next power point of this new material battery. As silicon-oxygen negative-pole batteries continue to grow, cell phone batteries will become faster, thinner, and have high-capacity features, which will be the future direction of battery technology.

Also Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra will arrive with Samsung’s 50MP ISOCELL GN2 camera sensor and get launched on March 29. The massive 50MP ISOCELL GN2 sensor has been co-developed by Xiaomi and Samsung. The sensor size is 1/1.2” which offers 2.8μm superpixel. 

Moreover, it offers the world’s first-ever Dual Pixel PD Pro for quick and accurate autofocus. This new sensor is equipped with some of the most interesting features, such as 1.4μm pixel size, 4-in-1 pixel binning technology, Smart ISO, and 120fps 4K video shooting. The best thing is that by this sensor, you can capture a 100MP image courtesy of Samsung’s intelligent re-mosaic algorithm.

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